Many interesting details are known about Magento 2 Migration. First of all, most IT professionals argue that the transition process itself is quite complicated for the reason that you have to understand all the small details and nuances.

Everything ecommerce development solutions by Dinarys is worth the money, worth the time, and totally worthy of attention. The fact is that by contacting competent programmers, you can count on the quality of work performed in a short period of time and, of course, loyalty from the approach to work, which will manifest itself both in communication and service and in the fulfillment of all requirements and tasks.

How can mistakes be avoided and is it realistic?

If there are any interruptions or failures in the operation of the online store, then this can negatively affect sales, income, as well as other processes related to customers and website visitors. So, it will be difficult for the administrator to manage and regulate when, for example, data security is violated, or a hacker attack and other errors occur. With Magento 2, you are able to protect yourself from various errors that may appear for completely different reasons. In addition, as you can see at, you can also offer the next level of post-purchase experience, thus reducing the number of WISMO calls by proactively communicating with customers throughout the delivery process. Among the errors you can protect yourself from, it is worth highlighting the mentioned TOP-10 most relevant:

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  1. Do not take the advice of professionals who have been operating with the Magento 2 platform for a long time and have extensive experience.
  2. Do not create proper planning, because when there is no proper program, then the work can be disrupted.
  3. Lack of training, which is associated with the study of information about the impact of migration that occurs within the company.
  4. There is not enough testing that is really necessary to double-check that a website is working properly.
  5. There is no adaptation to specific changes, which really negatively affects any online store.
  6. The complete absence of outsourcing of services on the project, should protect against wrong steps when migrating to an updated version of the platform.
  7. Do not look closely at the very important and very necessary aspects related to the optimization of SEO processes.
  8. Do not miss the information data that is not needed because it is this data that can serve as a source for understanding what is happening in general.
  9. Lack of use of relevant and interesting topics of the platform that are already ready and offered for web developers.
  10. There is not enough knowledge to competently operate the site and fully manage it without difficulties.
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Naturally, it is better not to make any of the above mistakes when migrating to an updated version of the platform. After all, then it will be possible to provide a business project with everything necessary – from scalability to uninterrupted operation of the website 24 hours, 7 days a week.

What else is important to consider?

When working with Magento 2, it is better for programmers to learn all the nuances, read the details, and learn about the details. This is necessary in order to create not only long-term and promising projects but also expensive ones. Training is what will help to achieve success in the work of any IT specialist who wants to become professional in their field.

Since the IT industry is constantly evolving, it is important not to miss the opportunity and study absolutely all aspects of working with the updated platform in advance. Since the technology has a fairly large community, then, for sure, every specialist will find someone who will help to understand incomprehensible moments (if any). Magento 2 allows you to use one of its “Comments” sections, where everyone can find answers to the most common questions or ask specific questions on their own.

The platform also has a lot of advantages, such as scalability, a separate server, and open-source code, which can be supplemented or rewritten, updated, or edited over time. At the same time, it is enough to know about the migration process, to study all kinds of errors that appear, and everything that should be done to prevent them in the process of working on some important business project.