The digital world has made dating much easier and more accessible, especially in the past few years. And while virtual dating may not be ideal for everyone, it still offers those who are willing to try it a chance to meet new people and make meaningful connections.

Besides, virtual dates allow you to focus more on the stuff that matters, such as interests and personality, rather than height or shoe choice.

With so many new dating apps and websites today, it’s much easier to find the perfect solution according to your preferences. Virtual dating for the first time can be quite overwhelming, so read on to learn a few tips on how to plan a successful virtual date.

Strong and stable internet connection is crucial when it comes to having a successful first virtual date.

Online Dating Solutions

Many people find it difficult to meet new people on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, so they prefer to use dating apps or online dating websites that offer specific services.

Some websites are safe for users, so they can explore their dating desires without any fear or worry of being ostracized. Such a website, for instance, is Doubelist. It provides its users the opportunity to post ads looking for a date, a companion, or a relationship of a specific nature.

You can even choose the most popular locations in terms of consumers using the website. For example, search for Doublelist New York and see if you can connect with someone online before deciding if you want to meet up in person. Make your first virtual dating experience as much to your preference as possible so that it can be less stressful and you can be comfortable.

Set Up Your Tech

A simple way to calm your nerves before a virtual date is to focus on setting up your gear. You wouldn’t want your Zoom to freeze while you’re laughing and your date is looking at your awkward frozen face. Decide which device you’re going to use, whether it’s your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, and ensure you have a stable Internet connection.

Strong and stable internet connection is crucial when it comes to having a successful first virtual date. You may be wondering things like does weather affect satellite internet? Will it cause any interruptions or technical glitches during your virtual date? If you will be relying on satellite internet, be aware of any potential weather conditions that could impact the signal strength and plan dates around this, where possible.

You can conduct your first online date in an area with Wi-Fi, or you can simply sign up for an Internet package with a local provider (you can even search internet providers by address to find the best options in your area) to ensure a secure connection.

If you choose to host your first date at a coffee shop, bar, or library, you might want to go there at least 30 minutes before the start of your virtual date to set up and check that your camera and microphone are working well.

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If you want your first virtual date to go smoothly, you should consider practicing with a friend. Think about setting the scene. Check your background and ask for advice on what you decide to wear. Think about creating some good lighting for the call, and most importantly – be yourself.

Practicing with a friend can help you figure out some mistakes that you want to avoid.

Set your device at eye level, and dress as you would if you were going to an in-person date. The level of effort you apply when you’re getting ready for your virtual date should make you feel like your best self.

You should be able to translate your confidence even if it’s an online date. No need to dress like you’re pretending to be in a cocktail bar, but dress as if you’re going to run into your crush during the weekend. Remember, how you perceive yourself is more important than how your date perceives you.

Keep the Conversation Flowing

You can choose a few lighthearted topics but avoid talking about anything too negative. Opt for an interesting chat that will engage both of you into laughs and deeper conversation later on. You can even ask riskier questions that some people tend to shy away from, as it is a good way to find out if you share the same values.

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You can make a list of questions if you’re not confident in coming up with questions on the spot. Additionally, make sure you acknowledge awkwardness and be prepared to laugh it off. Video calls, for some people, can feel weird, so the best way to approach a virtual date would be to accept from the get-go that there might be some awkwardness.

Focus on the other person and spend more time asking questions and listening. Simple, people like people who are interested in them.

Final Thoughts

Meeting someone in a virtual setting might not be the same as meeting them in person but remember that at some point, these online hangouts can be swapped for the real thing.

This will allow spending a bit more time getting to know someone and sharing meaningful conversations. It will also help you avoid being swept along and jumping into anything too quickly.