Over the years, the world of dating has evolved. It used to be difficult, if not impossible, to discuss sex and sexual preferences with potential partners.

Times have changed for the better, and we’re now more open to discussing sex. Talking about sex can be good for your relationship and help you to connect with potential and current partners.

Thanks to society’s new openness around sex, daters are able to improve their chances of finding someone who is compatible with them and has similar tastes.

Still, just because we can now talk more about sex, doesn’t mean that finding the perfect partner is suddenly easy.

There are still many factors to consider when choosing a sexual partner who will give you a caring and fulfilling relationship.

In this guide, we offer modern daters the chance to improve their chances of finding a partner who has similar desires and is sexually compatible with you.

Understand Sexual Compatibility

Before you look for someone who is sexually compatible with you, it’s important that you understand the term. Sexual compatibility refers to someone who has similar sexual tastes, appetites and desires. In addition, they often have similar needs in terms of frequency, style and type of sexual interactions. Once you know what sexual compatibility is, you’ll become more adept at finding a partner that has the same intimacy needs as you and will give you the sexual fulfilment you want.

Find The Right Niche Dating Site

Online dating makes it much easier to find someone who is interested in a similar sort of sexual relationship, but only if you choose the right site. Niche dating site comparison platforms like Datinghive offer you the chance to review various dating services and find the one that suits your needs and will allow you to meet like-minded people. There are hundreds of niche dating sites out there, so check out the reviews first to find ones that will be worth your time and effort.

Talk Openly About Your Needs

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Openness and honesty are central to finding someone who is sexually compatible with you and will give you what you need. Some people are open about talking about sex on dates, while others are more reticent. Whichever you are, you need to make sure that you talk about sex early in the relationship so that you both don’t waste your time and understand what you want from one another. Be prepared to discuss your needs openly and also listen to your date and what they’re looking for from a sexual partner. You can then work out if you’re interested in continuing the relationship or not.

Use The Correct Terms

When you’re talking about your sexual preferences and desires, make sure that you use the right terminology. That means making anatomically correct references to body parts and understanding what your kinks are and what they are called. Euphemisms and vague explanations can be confusing and unhelpful, making communication with your partner difficult. If you’re unsure of any terms, then do your research to find out what they are and make sure that you’re always entirely clear when talking about sex and sexual preferences. By using the correct phrases, you can show that you are mature and interested in sex. You can also ensure that your potential partner understands what you want fully, which is vital if you want the relationship to be successful.

Embrace Safe Sex

Safety is always paramount when entering into a new sexual relationship, so make sure that you and your partner are on the same page and are both committed to being as safe as possible. When you first start seeing someone new, make sure that you tell them what you expect in terms of safety and be prepared. If you use condoms or birth control, then make sure that you always have a supply of it for whenever you are ready to start having sex.

Learn To Improve Sexual Compatibility

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Sexual compatibility isn’t a fixed state: it fluctuates. So, if you meet someone you care about but aren’t currently compatible with them, then that doesn’t necessarily have to be the end of the relationship. There are many ways to improve your sexual compatibility with your partner, so try experimenting with a few to find ones that will suit you both. The most important thing to remember is to try and work with them to find ways to satisfy you both.

Don’t Be Afraid To Walk Away

Sometimes, romantic relationships don’t work out, and that’s OK. However, to ensure your safety and happiness, you need to ensure that you’re always able to walk away from a relationship that you don’t feel is working out. Be open and talk to your partner, but never think you must stay simply because you’re committed to the relationship.

Finding the perfect partner can be tough in life and in bed. It takes time, commitment, and honesty from both of you. These tips should help you make the processes more straightforward and allow you to find someone who fulfills all your needs.