We’ve all heard the saying, “there is no time like the present.” Never has that been truer than with Wisetack’s revolutionary ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ service! We’re proud to announce we have just closed on $45M to bring affordable financing solutions to consumers of in-person services. So if you’ve been itching for that massage, haircut or spa treatment but worrying about the cost, don’t fret – with Wisetack, now you can buy now and pay

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Introduction to Wisetack

Wisetack is a groundbreaking payment processing solution that enables consumers to purchase in-person goods and services using an easy-to-use app or web browser. Wisetack’s ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ service makes paying for goods and services in physical locations quicker and more convenient than ever before. This modern payment system allows customers to make payments directly from their connected bank accounts, credit cards or stored funds on the Wisetack account rather than paying for each transaction separately.

Furthermore, customers can select their preferred form of payment before visiting any store with the Wisetack logo – eliminating the need to wait in line and wasting time at checkout counters finding the right payment card or cash. Using Wisetick can be done in three simple steps:

  • Link your preferred form of bank card with your app or web browser.
  • Select your chosen store sporting the ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ logo and make sure it is compatible with Wisetick before making a purchase.
  • Choose which product you would like to purchase and enter your PIN code on the app or website to confirm your desired payment option.

With Wisetack’s safe and secure electronic payments, consumers save time during purchases by avoiding wait times of traditional billing processes, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. Consumers are able to pay bills without worrying about lost receipts, missing statements or mismanaged accounts through this quick online application system – making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for an efficient way of completing transactions at physical locations.

What is ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’?

Wisetack’s ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ service offers consumers the ability to purchase in-person services with a simple deferred payment plan. This plan enables customers to purchase services today, with the option to pay for them at a later date. Consumers are able to receive the service purchased immediately and can choose from various payment options such as weekly payments or installments. With this method of deferred payments, customers have more flexibility when it comes to budgeting for larger purchases and can break down their overall cost into smaller spreads that are more manageable for their budgets.

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Similar to most installment activities, buyers will be subject to credit checks upon use of Wisetack’s services for purchases over a certain amount. All payment plans require an upfront deposit which will be deducted from the total cost of the purchase; making it easier for customers who choose this method of purchasing in-person services as it lessens their financial burden upfront. Customers who choose Wisetack’s “Buy Now, Pay Later” service may also receive exclusive discounts or promotional offers if they opt-in or subscribe to their email list.

Wisetack Closes on $45M to Bring ‘Buy now, Pay Later’ to In-Person Services

In April 2019, Wisetack, a Seattle-based payments company, announced it had secured $45 million in series A funding from Greylock Partners, the first partnership of its kind for the fintech sector. The investment is intended to help the company accelerate growth and expand its current services. The company launched its ‘buy now, pay later’ service earlier this year allowing consumers to make purchases in select stores. Customers can then purchase services in person with no need for a traditional payment method such as a credit card or cash.

This technology is expected to reduce checkout wait times and increase sales conversions in physical stores, while also offering customers more control over their spending habits by enabling them to break down purchases into manageable payments. Wisetack will use its new capital to continue developing and refining its ‘buy now ,pay later’ service while also ramping up product expansion efforts into new markets both domestically and abroad. The company aims to offer customers access to financing options through various retailers while also providing insights into how they can better manage money in order to increase financial engagement with customers.

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How Wisetack’s ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Service Works

Wisetack’s “Buy Now, Pay Later” service allows consumers to purchase services in-person with easy payment options. Whether someone is making a massage appointment, signing a gym contract or just having their plumbing serviced, they can use Wisetack to complete the transaction now and pay later. The process begins when the consumer plugs their card details into the Wisetack app or website. They’ll then choose how they want to make their purchase: as a one-time transaction or as installments over time. This amount is then processed by Wisetack’s APIs which allow for real-time approvals and payments to be made electronically.

From there, the business can initiate its service right away, safe in the knowledge that the customer’s payment will be taken care of when it’s due. The customer will have an agreed set of installment dates to keep up with payments through Wisetack’s automated notifications and friendly reminders. It’s that simple! Signing up merchants is also straightforward; business owners just have to visit the Wisetack website and provide a few details such as bank account information and contact information.

This allows them easy access to both customers who are looking for flexible payment terms as well as being able to benefit from additional features like marketing tools, analytics platform and loyalty rewards systems – all with no additional costs or setup fees for businesses of any size or sector! With Wisetack ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Service businesses can focus on serving customers instead of worrying about cashflow issues.

In-Person Services that Wisetack Enables

Wisetack’s ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ service allows businesses to accept payments from customers that wish to purchase in-person services. By using Wisetack, businesses can set up funding options for customers that are mutually beneficial for both parties. Businesses that use Wisetack’s service can offer fees such as full upfront payment of services or fees that are paid split into two or more installments. Additionally, Wisetack offers flexible financing options such as customer’s ability to launch digital campaigns or loyalty programs.

In-person services that are able to benefit from the ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Services includes:

  • Spa/salon services
  • Automotive repair services
  • Personal training
  • Music classes/music lessons
  • Home cleaning/maid services
  • Lawn care/landscape maintenance
  • Upholstery restoration/upholstery cleaning
  • Fitness classes
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WiseTack’s ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ service has revolutionized the way people get access to in-person services. The service allows consumers to purchase services and spread payments into more manageable amounts with no interest or additional fees. It is convenient, hassle-free, and can be used for a variety of activities from gym memberships to spa treatments. Ultimately, WiseTack’s ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ service gives customers peace of mind by allowing them to purchase items they need without having to save up in advance or take on uncomfortable debt.

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