A major problem with having employees wash their work clothes at home is they introduce danger into their homes. If your employees deal with chemicals or bodily fluids at work, these may cause contamination and health concerns in the long run.

While this option can save employers a lot of work and expense, it gives more harm than benefit to the employees. This can also lead to issues with OSHA and HACCP regulations.

Most of these employees are from:

  • Chemical industry
  • Healthcare industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Food processing industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry

If the job puts employees at risk of contact with chemicals and toxins, then providing an alternative on how to launder their clothes safely is the best you can do as an employer. You can choose an in-house or outside uniform Soho laundry to take the burden off your employees.

Alternatives for Employees on How to Wash Work Clothes

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If you are tasked to manage workers, their well-being is part of your concern. You have to consider alternatives to how they can maintain and clean their work clothes without bringing them home.

In-House Laundry

The main concern in looking for an alternative method to wash the work clothes for your employees is the dangers of bringing work contaminants to their homes. Hence, the first alternative you can think of is creating an in-house laundry.

Yes, you can remove the possible contamination. However, this is an expensive alternative. You have to purchase a commercial washer and dryer to accommodate all the work clothes of your employees. In addition, you have to hire laundry experts to ensure that the uniforms are not easily worn out.

You also have to give them ongoing training in how to take care of work clothes, especially if the work uniforms are exposed to grease, oils, and other chemicals. It will be dangerous if these chemicals are not removed before they are placed in the dryer.

If you choose to provide an in-house laundry, make sure to provide hazard pay and precautions to your laundry team.

Partner with Laundry Service Provider

If uniforms bring a major health concern to your employees, it is better to partner with a laundry service provider to put your mind at ease. Of course, you have to inform the laundry service provider about the situation, so they would know what they are dealing with. If it is the scope of the laundry service provider, sign up for a partnership with them.

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Partnering with a laundry service provider saves you from having an in-house team and laundry equipment to wash uniforms. You also do not have to worry about how to bring the laundry to their shop as they offer laundry pickup and delivery service too.

Final Takeaway

When you choose an alternative laundry method, the choice has to work for both your employees and the company. The option should protect the health of your workers and benefit them. Which option do you think is more beneficial to both parties?