McAfee, the multi-billion dollar cybersecurity giant, has recently announced its intention to go private in a $14bn takeover by Advent International, a leading private equity firm. This move comes as McAfee looks to accelerate its growth and expansion in the marketplace, and harness the advantages of private ownership.

In this article, we will discuss the implications of the acquisition and what it means for the prospects of McAfee:

McAfee to go private in $14bn takeover by Advent

McAfee is a global cybersecurity leader established in 1987 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California. It provides advanced security solutions to consumers, small and midsize businesses, enterprises in over 120 countries. The company helps secure the world’s largest enterprises and government organisations against cyberattacks by harnessing the power of its deep visibility network, global threat intelligence, advanced security platforms and intelligent automation.

McAfee provides a broad portfolio of products that work together to help protect customers from threats and prevent them from becoming vulnerable to data breaches. These solutions can help mitigate risks related to

  • Data loss prevention
  • Mobile device management (MDM)
  • Physical end-user security
  • Cloud security

and more.

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At its core, McAfee focuses on delivering comprehensive endpoint protection through its industry-leading antivirus technology as well as providing customers with the ultimate experience when it comes to managing their devices from any location or region through an integrated solution that unifies various interfaces for easy management.

Overview of the Deal

In a deal worth $14 billion, the tech giant McAfee was taken over by the private equity firm Advent. This move is expected to help McAfee accelerate its growth and expansion. It will also enable McAfee to go private and be freed from the constraints of being a publicly-traded company.

In this article, we will provide an overview of the deal and discuss its implications:

Terms of the Deal

The deal will accelerate McAfee’s ability to grow and expand in the global market and will see McAfee acquire a minority stake in Advent. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

The terms of the deal include an agreement for McAfee to make a one-time upfront payment to Advent at closing and submit ongoing revenue share payments over time. In addition, the pairing is expected to extend its reach by leveraging Advent’s resources and expertise while allowing Advent to broaden its security products line with McAfee’s comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity solutions.

The agreement also enables customers across industries and of all sizes to use both companies’ technology portfolios. In particular, customers who use a combination of both company’s suites will have access to deeper insights derived from advanced analytics and improved control for data protection across multiple channels. This range includes endpoint, mobile devices, cloud applications and traditional on-premise software environments that can help streamline overall cyber defence operations.

Through this joint effort between Advent and McAfee, customers are expected to benefit from faster deployment times and rapid response in case of any security incident or breach. In addition, customers can combine their resources with those provided by both parties for an even stronger protection against malicious actors or threats that may compromise their systems or data security infrastructure. The collaborative effort between both entities highlights their commitment towards providing a secure environment for worldwide customers regardless of industry or size.

Benefits for McAfee

The deal is intended to provide McAfee with the resources and capabilities needed to further its mission of providing comprehensive cyber security solutions and services. This includes access to greater international technology networks, additional resources such as customer service tools, research and development capabilities, and enhanced financial leverage.

For McAfee customers, the new arrangement will result in improved services, assurances of compatibility with existing products and services, and access to frequent upgrades. In addition, this will help to build trust between customer organisations and McAfee through a commitment to continuous improvement.

Additionally, the increased collaboration will accelerate innovation by enabling accelerated growth in key areas such as:

  • Cloud computing technologies
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions
  • Human-machine interfaces (HMIs)
  • Digital risk protection portfolios which must shift quickly to meet evolving needs in the current environment of digital transformation.

From a financial standpoint, McAfee expects that the partnership with Intel Security will enable them to increase their market share both domestically and internationally while maintaining profitability over the long term.

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In addition, the alliance allows for both cost savings due to greater economies of scale when compared with other competitors and higher returns on investment in development projects due greater access to resources for advanced research initiatives.

Impact on McAfee’s Business

McAfee’s impending $14 billion privatisation by Advent International is a significant move for the cybersecurity giant. This strategic move is expected to further advance its growth and expansion, providing more resources and opportunities for McAfee to develop its products and services.

It is worth considering what impact the takeover by Advent International will have on McAfee’s business.

Accelerated Growth and Expansion

McAfee’s introduction of the “Advent program” is designed to accelerate growth and expansion. Since the announcement, McAfee has streamlined its portfolio by divesting its consumer business and focusing on providing cybersecurity solutions for enterprises, governments and consumers.

The Advent program enables McAfee to focus on enterprise-level scalability through increased access to resources ranging from security expertise needed to assess global threat environments to engineering investments needed for cutting-edge analytics. In addition, McAfee further strengthens its existing cybersecurity offerings by collaborating more closely with customers, partners, hardware companies and government agencies.

McAfee’s focus on enterprise scalability helps accelerate speed-to-market while allowing customers to get a competitive edge in their respective industries by taking advantage of the latest cyber threat intelligence. This provides enhanced end-to-end security capabilities such as Threat Lifecycle Management (TLM), API platform integration, vulnerability risk assessment management tools, cloud security services and service desk automation.

Furthering its commitment to innovation, McAfee is focused on building a new future centred around open source technology and platforms that enable enhanced collaboration between the private sector and government entities while supporting industry standards such as GDPR. Additionally, terms of service are designed to meet customer requirements related to privacy regulations while providing robust protection against malicious threats and data loss prevention solutions like McAfee Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB).

Improved Financial Performance

The impact of the Advent International Global Private Equity (“Advent”) investment in McAfee on its financial performance can be seen at many different levels. Firstly, the injection of funds from the equity-based deal of up to $4.2 billion allowed McAfee to reduce its long-term debt and strengthen its balance sheet, increasing cash flow and liquidity. This allowed the company to invest more resources into growth initiatives such as M&A; activities, new product development and sales strategies.

Moreover, Advent’s strategic insights helped McAfee identify new growth opportunities in retail and enterprise markets, leading to increased revenue streams and cost savings across various divisions. As a result of this effort, McAfee reported double-digit top-line growth year-on-year for four consecutive years.

Advent also played a major role in overhauling existing operations at McAfee with measures such as abandoning low margin business models and reallocating resources into higher margin opportunities. This resulted in improved operational efficiencies which translated into significant cost reduction throughout the entire organisation; these included costs associated with research & development activities, marketing campaigns and sales efforts. Finally, by introducing cross functional management processes such as Agile methodology adopted from far flung technology companies, any roadblocks to growth were dismantled before they even started arising.

Given all this financial windfall made possible largely due to Advent’s tangible contribution over a short period, this partnership between two entities has been very rewarding for both parties involved on very different fronts – financially and strategically.


The $14bn takeover by Advent International of McAfee is set to take the leading global cyber security company private. The largest deal involving a cybersecurity company—is expected to close in the second half of 2021 and will provide a platform for accelerated growth and expansion.

A comprehensive analysis of the outlook of the deal is necessary to assess the potential implications of the transaction and its impact on the cybersecurity industry.

Potential Risks and Challenges

When it comes to accelerated growth and expansion, several risks and challenges are associated with the process that need to be considered.

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Some of these include the following:

  • Financial Considerations: Expanding too quickly can lead to unnecessary cost and liabilities with no tangible return on investment. For McAfee to ensure financial stability in the short term, careful attention must be paid to any associated financial implications.
  • Competition: An increased focus on growth and expansion can give way for increased competition that may not have been before. Competition can take many forms – from new players entering the market, existing competitors offering new products/services or outspending McAfee on promotional activities. These must all be considered for successful growth and expansion efforts.
  • Talent Management: As an organisation grows, so does its need for more staff. Finding suitable talent requires time and effort, which can often involve a high cost if not done properly. The capability of existing staff also needs to be considered when taking on new tasks as they may have limited knowledge/expertise in certain areas which could ultimately lead to delays/losses in business activity or projects underway.

Benefits for McAfee’s Customers

McAfee’s customers can expect several benefits from the company’s involvement with Outlook.

  • First, McAfee can ensure that its products continue to fully utilise new and emerging technology.
  • Second, through Outlook, McAfee has access to a comprehensive set of services that can be used to develop and deliver products faster and more efficiently.
  • Third, the ability to use analytics to better understand customer needs and preferences will help McAfee better tailor its offerings.
  • Lastly, with Outlook providing access to new customers and markets, there exists an opportunity for McAfee’s current customer base to benefit from increased visibility in global markets.

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