Looking for 5 letter words that end in “at”? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’ll provide you with a list of five-letter words that end in “at” to expand your vocabulary and help you excel at word games or crossword puzzles.

Here are a few examples of 5 letter words ending in “at”:

1. Format: This word refers to the arrangement or layout of something, such as a document or presentation.

2. Bleat: It means the high-pitched cry of a sheep or goat.

3. Squat: This word can refer to crouching down close to the ground or occupying an abandoned building unlawfully.

4. Flats: It can have multiple meanings, including shoes without heels or areas of land that are level and low-lying.

5. Grate: To reduce something into small shreds by rubbing it against a serrated surface.

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These are just a few examples, but there are many more intriguing 5 letter words ending in “at” waiting to be discovered. So keep reading to expand your vocabulary and impress others with your linguistic prowess!

Note: The list provided above is not exhaustive; it’s merely meant to give you a taste of what’s possible when exploring 5 letter words ending in “at.”

5 Letter Words Ending in At

If you’re on the hunt for five-letter words ending in ‘at,’ look no further! In this section, I’ll introduce you to a selection of common words that fit the criteria. So let’s dive right in and explore some intriguing options!

1. Great: This word signifies something of exceptional quality or extent. Whether it’s used to describe an outstanding achievement or simply express enthusiasm, “great” is a versatile term that pops up frequently in our daily conversations.

2. Cheat: While cheating might not be commendable behavior, the word itself has found its place in our vocabulary. It refers to dishonest actions aimed at gaining an unfair advantage. However, let’s focus on using this term within games like Scrabble instead!

3. Treat: Who doesn’t enjoy a delightful treat? This word denotes something special given as a reward or indulgence. From ice cream to cookies and everything sweet in between, treats are sure to bring smiles to faces.

4. Sweat: When we engage in physical activity or find ourselves under stress, sweat is what keeps us cool and helps regulate body temperature. As we push ourselves through workouts or endure hot weather, sweating becomes inevitable.

5. That: Though small and often overlooked, “that” is an essential part of our language toolkit. It acts as a pronoun or determiner, helping us specify objects or refer back to previous statements.

These are just a few examples of common five-letter words ending in ‘at.’ There are many others out there waiting for you to discover them! Explore their meanings and usage contexts to expand your vocabulary even further.


In this section, we explored some common five-letter words ending in ‘at.’ From the versatile “great” to the indulgent “treat,” these words find their way into everyday conversations. By incorporating them into your vocabulary, you can enhance your communication skills and express yourself with clarity. So go ahead and start incorporating these words into your daily interactions!

Examples of 5 Letter Words Ending in ‘at’

When it comes to finding 5 letter words ending in ‘at’, there are numerous options that you can choose from. Here are some examples that showcase the diversity and versatility of these words:

1. Bloat: This word refers to a swollen or excessively full state, often used to describe something inflated or distended.

2. Cleat: A cleat is a metal or wooden fitting with projecting arms, used for securing ropes or cables.

3. Groat: Groat is an old English term for a coin that was worth four pence, commonly used in medieval times.

4. Splat: Splat is an onomatopoeic word that imitates the sound made when something hits or strikes a surface forcefully.

5. Treat: Treat refers to something pleasant or special given as a reward or gift, often associated with indulging oneself.