To think that just 100 years ago, the Wright Brothers made the first flight and we thought a car driver would suffocate at over 40mph! We have come a long way and the digital revolution is still powering away, to what, we don’t know; smart technology is one of the fastest growing sectors and in this short article, we aim to give you a better understanding of what a smart home is.

Bluetooth Connection

Devices that are close together can communicate via Bluetooth, so all of your home appliances are talking to the central management system. AI manages a future smart home, and when you are ready to leave work, a call command is all it takes to turn on the oven and cook dinner. Bluetooth connects your heating, oven, security, lights, electric gates and anything else you want.


Internet of Things

As the name implies, this platform is not for us humans, rather it’s used by digital devices to communicate, which is vital for a smart home, powered by 5G, the IoT will change the world in so many ways. We are about to shift into a new dimension of digital connectivity, and keeping up will be challenging; 10x speeds are making a huge difference in real-time communication.

Total AI control

The latest generation of smart homes is managed by AI, which never forgets or makes mistakes, all actions are implemented from a central interface, and this reduces the work the homeowner has to do to manage the property. If, for example, the temperature suddenly dropped in the night, more than usual, without a command, the heating will fire up. Anyone who approaches your gates will be greeted by a sweet female voice, and you will be informed and given the option of opening the gate. If the fridge goes off, you will be instantly notified and a voice command is all it takes to have the system call a technician.


Solar energy

Within 5 years, every Australian home will be receiving its energy from solar panels fitted to the roof and this should see the closure of fossil-fuel burning power stations. The smart home management system takes complete control of all your green energy and will even sell excess to the national grid, making you some extra cash.

Automated living

Once programmed, your smart system will effectively manage the home and will notify you of any issues; voice commands from any location in your home are picked up and that’s all it takes to do something. The next thing is home robots to do all the physical chores and we’re not talking about a machine that moves, your ‘home automaton’ will have its own personality and can even crack jokes to lighten the mood.