When selecting outdoor furniture for your patio or yard, Watson’s offers a wide range of options to suit your needs. You can find seating sets, dining sets, chat groups, sofas, sectionals, lounge chairs, and more at Watson’s. They claim to have the nation’s largest selection of outdoor furniture at the lowest prices guaranteed.

Watson’s outdoor furniture comes in weather-resistant materials like rust-resistant aluminium, wicker, teak, and resin. You can choose from various styles to match your home’s aesthetic, whether rustic, modern, or farmhouse. Click here to learn more. Watson’s provides free shipping on outdoor furniture orders (restrictions apply).

Choosing the Right Table Size

When selecting the size of your patio dining table, consider the seating capacity you need for your family and guests. Larger tables accommodate more people, perfect for entertaining, while smaller tables create a cozier, intimate setting.

Here are some tips for choosing the right table size:

●Measure your outdoor space carefully to ensure the table fits comfortably with enough clearance around the edges.

●    Determine the purpose of your outdoor area – is it primarily for dining, relaxing, or entertaining? This will guide you in selecting the appropriate table size.

●    As a general rule, add 1-2 pieces (the table and possibly an umbrella) to your desired seating capacity to determine the ideal outdoor dining set size.

●Consider purchasing additional chairs to accommodate extra guests when needed.

The table size should complement the available space, desired seating capacity, and intended use of your outdoor area. Proper measurement and planning will ensure a comfortable and functional patio dining experience.

Selecting the Ideal Number of Pieces

You have several options when selecting the ideal number of pieces for your outdoor patio dining set from Watson’s. They offer 5-piece, 6-piece, and 7-piece sets to accommodate different seating needs. The number of pieces you choose depends on the available space and how many people you typically host. For smaller patios or intimate gatherings, a 5-piece set with a table and four chairs might suffice. If you entertain large groups, consider a 6-piece or 7-piece set with additional chairs.

Watson’s provides free shipping, making it convenient to order the right-sized set online. You can visit a Watson’s store or consult their experts to explore quality patio furniture in O’Fallon and receive personalized guidance on selecting the ideal number of pieces based on your specific requirements. Choosing the appropriate furniture pieces ensures a comfortable and functional outdoorsy dining experience.

Durable Material Options

Watson’s offers outdoor furniture from durable, weather-resistant materials like rust-resistant aluminium, weather-resistant wicker, teak, or resin. Here are some popular material options and their benefits:

●    Resin Wicker: Stylish and low-maintenance, resin wicker is weather-resistant and easy to clean. Visit https://thanhcongcraft.medium.com/what-is-wicker-furniture-made-of-resin-wicker-vs-wicker/ to learn more about wicker furniture.

●    Aluminium: Lightweight yet sturdy, aluminium furniture is rust-resistant and requires minimal upkeep.

●    Wood: Teak and acacia hardwoods are naturally weather-resistant and add warmth to outdoorsy spaces.

●    Wrought Iron: Heavy and sturdy, wrought iron is highly durable but may require more maintenance.


When selecting materials, consider climate, maintenance preferences, and style. Choose UV-resistant options and protect furniture with covers when not in use to extend its lifespan. Environmentally-friendly recycled materials are also available.

Determining the Optimal Table Shape

The shape of your outdoor dining table impacts the functionality and aesthetic of your patio setup. Common shapes are round, oval, rectangular, and square.

●Rectangular tables are famous for accommodating larger groups, seating at least six people, and often have extension leaves for extra seating.

●    Square tables create an intimate setting but may seat fewer guests than rectangular ones. They suit smaller, square-shaped patios.

●    Round tables facilitate easy conversation and are ideal for smaller gatherings, though large rounds may make guests feel distant.

●Oval tables are space-efficient with rounded corners, suiting narrow patios, and can adjust to varying guest counts.

When choosing, consider:

●The inherent shape of your patio/decking area: Curved spaces suit oval or round tables, while straight-lined areas fit square or rectangular tables.

●    How you plan to use the table: Rectangular tables work well for larger groups, while rounds create a more intimate experience.

●    Your desired aesthetic: Square tables appear modern, while rounds have a classic look.

●Space constraints: Round and oval tables take up less physical space than square or rectangular ones of similar size.

Watson’s offers quality dining tables in various shapes to complement any outdoorsy space.


Watson’s offers a wide selection of outdoorsy furniture to enhance your patio experience. Their weather-resistant materials ensure durability. Customers can choose from various styles, shapes, and seating capacities. Proper measurements and planning allow optimal space use.


Explore Watson’s extensive collection to find the perfect outdoorsy dining set. Consider factors like table shape, material, and seating needs. Select a set that meets your requirements for functionality and aesthetics. Watson’s provides personalized guidance and free shipping for added convenience. Elevate your outdoor living space with quality furniture from Watson’s.