Planning a family road trip is sure to be a fun-filled adventure with those you love the most, but when you have small kids on board, it’s natural to feel a little apprehensive about such an endeavor.

Being stuck in the car for hours on end may seem like a stressful thought, but it doesn’t have to be if you plan a few key factors beforehand to help you enjoy a more plain-sailing trip.

If you’re anxious that your upcoming family road trip is going as smoothly as possible, the below tips should come in useful to help you achieve just that:

Know When it’s Too Much to Ask

If your kids haven’t made the hour’s trip to your parent’s house yet without having a meltdown, you may need to think about how far you wish to travel.

Road trips can be extremely grueling for small children – so if you believe you’ll struggle to keep them entertained the entire way, you may want to reconsider your destination. For now, you could experiment with a shorter journey to see how your kids cope and go from there.

That way, you can enjoy a much quieter and smooth journey without too many tears and allow your kids to get used to road-tripping.

Consider the Vehicle You’re Using

Ensuring the whole family is comfortable during the trip will save frustration and arguments in the car; therefore, you may need to think carefully about the vehicle you’re using.

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It’s a given that there should be enough seats in the car for everyone who wishes to travel, but you may also need to think about packing space for bags and prams, and additional room for snacks and drinks too. If space is a concern, they got cool stuff Nuna including compact, foldaway prams, ideal for those tighter spaces.

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If your family car isn’t suitable for the trip, it may be best to hire a vehicle that’ll suit everyone – especially if you have disabled family members, to ensure it is geared towards their needs for the journey. You can discover wheelchair-accessible vehicles for hire at

Know Your Route in Advance

Before setting off on the journey, it would be wise to have a clear idea of the route to prevent hiccups along the way. With road closures and heavy traffic, it may be worth having backup routes just in case you need to take a detour.

As opposed to relying on a traditional map, you may find it easier using a sat nav or smartphone app to give you an idea of the route, and it should alert you of facilities along the way in case you need to make a pit stop.

It is worth noting that you may find the roads less busy in the middle of the night, but the downside is that by not getting your sleep, you’ll waste the following day of your vacation feeling grouchy and tired.

Pack Wisely

As you won’t have enough space to pack your entire wardrobe, you may need to think about those must-have items you’ll need throughout the trip. Alongside clothing, ensure you’ve got all of the essentials – emergency car kits, first aid kits, snacks, and a flashlight.

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Remember, you can always purchase bits and pieces when you arrive, so only pack what you need for the car ride if space is limited.

Keep Them Occupied

Long car trips can be a chore for anyone, but when you have young kids in tow, keeping them entertained isn’t always easy. Ensure you bring along plenty of toys, games, books, audiobooks, and DVDs that they can browse through at their leisure. In time, they’re sure to settle down once they invest themselves in their chosen activity.