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Do you want to work smart and take more control of your lives? We all feel distracted somewhere, but you can drastically change the direction by taking the proper way. You all should know that productivity isn’t only limited to work. The right approach is to spend productive time in the office and at home. Sometimes, we can have a productive life, but there are moments when things get tough, and we feel overwhelmed. However, if you want to feel useful, then first, it’s crucial to understand the basic definition.

What is productivity? An analysis of the basic concept

Generally, productivity is a business setting, but it applies in all areas of life. In the business world, it’s easy to judge creativity and productivity with the help of the number of sales or overall performance. But sometimes, we can measure it in terms of input or self-motivation you feel within yourself. According to research, there are the following factors that impact productivity:

Physical energy

Mental energy


And environment energy

But there are several strategies that you can use to be more efficient and creative. However, this will make you feel accomplished, driving you towards even more productivity. For instance, a slight adjustment in life brings long-lasting changes.

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Habits of highly productive people

To see good results, it’s vital to study the lives of those who have achieved something. It’s not an excellent approach to making your life machine; that’s why you should work smart. Moreover, here are some habits of highly productive people:

  • More productive people constantly challenge themselves and dream big.
  • They choose the tasks that can enhance their existing abilities.
  • Intelligent people get done with the tedious work on a priority basis because it can drain their energy.
  • Besides, highly productive people don’t always think about work. However, in this regard, they respond to emails and other messages while working.

It’s vital to stay motivated and energized throughout the day, and it’s only possible when you are highly focused. However, it’s a great way to calm yourself down and give you more time to think about more creative things.

How can you be more productive in life? Best tips to follow

 If you feel accomplished, it directly impacts your happiness, and you think more creatively. Simply put, we can say it’s a habit of more successful people. According to the research, around 96% of people check their mobile phones within one hour of waking up. So, these are a few habits that significantly impact productivity. But you can improve the situation by adopting these life-changing habits:

Focus on the most critical task first

If you are dealing with a lack of productivity, then this is the best habit you can adopt to improve the situation. However, the theory behind this concept is to first complete tasks that are more important than others. For instance, if you start an LLC, you should work systematically. The idea behind this theory is to differentiate between most and less important tasks. So, start your day by choosing 1-3 complex tasks, tick them off and then move on to the easiest ones.

Do the deep/planning work

Planning is the most crucial thing that boosts productivity and brings more positive and fruitful results. We all know that some tasks are complex, and some are the easiest ones. So, preparing in advance for the challenging tasks would be great. According to Newport, here are some suggestions to do the deep work:

Do the deep work at a similar time every day, probably in the morning.

Deep work isn’t always enjoyable, but you must get comfortable with it.

Avoid distractions like social media during working hours.

You don’t need to work hard the whole day as the best practice is to set aside some time for deep work.

You can study the life of highly productive people; a set schedule helps them achieve big things.

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Stay organized

You will miss important stuff if you don’t know how to organize your work life. However, due to this, it’s crucial to declutter your daily schedule and stop multitasking. You will eventually achieve nothing if you try to perform plenty of things in one go. You can take the help of tools and software to keep things organized. For instance, use the real check stub generator to manage the paystubs automatically. Apart from this, many tools can help you to make things less complicated and more organized.

Follow the 80/20 rule

It’s another excellent way that helps in prioritizing tasks. The 80/20 rule was introduced by the Italian economist named Vilfredo Pareto. The central concept of this rule says that:

“In any pursuit, 80% of results come from 20% effort

So, to maximize efficiency, identify the most critical tasks in work. This way, you can cut down 80% of unnecessary charges. However, the 80/20 rule allows you to minimize less necessary work and saves time.

Plan your day

A productive day doesn’t happen, so you will have to work hard to achieve the things you wish. You can use Google planner to write down all the tasks, preferably the night before work. Above all, you should learn to draw a line between less critical communications. The best tip is to use automation for less important tasks. But if it’s a meeting, you can take the help of a team that will manage less important sessions on your behalf. Most importantly, the best thing you can do to boost productivity is to learn from mistakes and successes.


“Highly productive people seem like magicians, but it’s because of their time management skills.”

We just touched the tip of a giant iceberg in this article. There are so many more habits that you can adopt to boost productivity by maintaining a work-life balance. For instance, you can reward yourself after achieving each task and be realistic while preparing a TO-DO list for the next day. But don’t forget to prepare your mind for the worst situation because these are the moments that make success stories. So, be proactive, take care of your energies, and ask for help when things are tough, or you can’t handle them all alone.