A childhood memory we all probably share is jumping on a trampoline with our best friends and the sound of giggles. But, even if some of you do not, it is never too late to explore what fun jumping on a trampoline can be. It can also be your cool new accessory to show off at your next party or just your regular everyday dose of fun. Want to know how? Keep reading!

Trampolines have had quite a journey over the years. They have come a long way from being invented in 1934 at the University of Iowa to train gymnasts and athletes to ‘trampolining’ becoming a part of the prestigious Olympics in 2000. Thankfully, trampolines have also been globally adopted as a fun device and thus ended up in our parks, backyards, and even entire centers dedicated to trampolines.

Confused about how to have fun on your brand-new trampoline? Don’t worry; we have listed six exciting ways for you to have fun on a trampoline:

● The classic old jumping

This is a no-brainer, and anybody who has jumped on a trampoline can vouch for it. A trampoline is a wonderful device to teach your toddlers to jump and channel some of that energy for a good night’s sleep later. Give your child a jumping rope and double the fun, or even turn it into a ball pit. Bringing a sprinkler alongside a protective net can also be delightful, but we suggest parental supervision in case of children.

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● Light it up 

Put on some fairy lights for your next backyard party, and voila! You can also build a trampoline fort with bed sheets and have a date night. Refrain from jumping, although it might seem lucrative. A lit-up trampoline fort is a delight for the eyes, even without the bouncy fun. You can even create a cool trampoline tent for your kids to play in with a strict ‘children-only’ policy.

● You have a gym sitting in your backyard

You no longer need to go to a gym to get your daily cardio done. If you’re not satisfied with just jumping, try light yoga stretches or even air dancing on your trampoline. Imagine doing your favorite jumping exercises like jumping jacks or even sprinting in a place but all on a bouncy floor; fun, right? Trampoline exercises have been considered more effective by many fitness enthusiasts, and many gyms have even started to integrate this fun little apparatus. Improve your balance, ditch your monotonous daily routine, and even share your workout with your kids or spouse.

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● Dance your heart out

If you have a trampoline, you have your very own dancing arena. Play your favorite songs and dance away. Spice it up by holding dance-offs with your friends and family and even

make it a competition. Who says trampolines are just for kids? Now you can even get an adult-size trampoline online. So get yours now and get the party started.

 Your own sports court

City backyards are no fun as they are not compatible with outdoor sports. But don’t worry, there is still hope. Turn your netted trampoline into a sports court. Use a basketball hoop or even use it for playing softball or soccer. It is even safe enough to let your toddlers have play fights. No matter what sports or game, from ring-around-rosy to taekwondo, a trampoline can make it all the more fun.

 Kickstart your summers 

Do you live far away from the beach and miss out on all the summer fun? Don’t worry; your trampoline has got you covered. Use it like a tanning bed, sip on some coolers and enjoy. Add sprinklers to the spice and a few beach balls, and create a core memory with your friends and family. And all this, from the comfort of your own house!

End Note

From movie nights to playful summers, get on the wagon with the endless possibilities of having fun on a trampoline. Star gazing or dancing in the rain, you say it, and a trampoline has your back. So use the above ideas, get creative, create a thousand memories, and don’t forget to click a million pictures to remember them by.