In China, the most populous country, online dating has become a lucrative industry. According to statistics, 200 million Chinese seek to find a partner, and half of them actively use Chinese dating sites for foreigners. For every 100 Asian women under the age of 30, there are more than 110 foreign men.

Overall, there are approximately 33.7 million more men in China than women. This is the essence of gender diversity among singles. Such a bias in the sex ratio has developed due to many years of the single-child policy.

Online Matchmaking Emergence

Gender imbalance has led to the emergence of online dating, relationship, and matchmaking counseling services based on international dating. Some dating experts in China estimate that the annual revenue of Chinese dating and online matchmaking companies will exceed eight billion yuan in 2022.

Chinese online dating services are becoming an increasingly popular matchmaking method as such services most often rely on traditional dating values ​​in Asia (including financial security and relationships focused on marriage and long-term relationships). Tired of the failed so-called ‘blind dates’ arranged by parents and unable to stand the social scrutiny of meeting possible dates in bars, the Chinese single registered on top Chinese dating websites.

Current Online Dating Statistics

The sites are used by young single people between the ages of 24 and 35 and are considered a tool for finding long-term relationships and marriage. Singles in China have found that the listed dating sites are not only easy to use but also fit the pace of a busy professional life. This online marketplace also expanded the circle of acquaintances beyond local men in any Chinese city to access higher quality potential partners from other regions.

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There is no denying that there are good guys in your hometown. However, only by trying online services will you become more clear about how the online dating system works. More and more single Chinese people are turning to online dating sites and apps. The most popular dating sites in China, such as CherryBlossoms had about 126 million and 85 million registered users in 2015. Tinder, for example, already had about 50 million active users since 2014.

Online Dating Strategies

Unlike many top online dating apps that are usually associated with casual dating culture, some Chinese services are generally used by singles looking for reliable relationships (although their strategy may gradually change over time).

Chinese online dating services are becoming more and more popular and accepted as they build on traditional Chinese dating values ​​(such as material security and serious relationships in couples extending into strong connections beyond the screen through offline activities).

Interesting to know

Before 1950, traditional Chinese marriages were performed by the parents of the young. They followed the so-called “matching doors and parallel windows” rule or méndānghùduì 门当户对 (means marriage to someone of a similar socioeconomic position in the family).

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Many Asians entered into marriages to fulfill the “commitment of the twenties,” that is, to get married, have children, and please their families with such traditional feats. In this setting, the marriage bond of Asiatics was established on the basis of filial piety but not love as such.

Significant shifts in marriage and dating culture in China occurred in the 1950s and 1980s with the advent of new marriage laws. China’s new marriage law of 1950 was a radical change that replaced traditional arranged marriages with blood relatives, even allowing divorce and requiring the consent of both parties to the marriage.

The Second Marriage Law of 1980 further strengthened the freedom of marriage of the Chinese while protecting the interests of women from domestic violence and divorce.