With the advent of the internet and social media have come plenty of opportunities for good, and bad. Social media traverses several aspects of society, whether personal, business, and in institutions. If you are not registered on any of the millions of social media platforms, you might still be living in the Stone Age.

However, social media has adverse effects on certain aspects of our lives, especially dating. This is one reason some people avoid registering or using social media entirely. Single men and women spend ample time surfing Twitter and Facebook. Not surprisingly though, couples do too, either as a couple or as individuals. The results can be quite negative.

Why Social Media?

Millions of folks surf the web hoping to find chubby women dating, and other matters of the heart. If one offers decent advice others will offer the exact opposite. There is a method to the web’s madness and it takes lots of scrutiny on your part to know what to listen to, what to swipe away and what to never look at again. Let’s check out three ways social media can affect real-life relationships.


Social media creates a self of importance, escapism, and other falsehoods. Although many are aware of these shortcomings they continue to indulge. This side of social media gives people opportunities to cheat. Many have fake photos, copied profiles from other sites, and plenty of false information.

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It creates a sense of prosperity and larger-than-life personalities that don’t exist. This distortion that exists far exceeds anything in the physical world and some take it too far. When one shows images of prosperity yet is struggling at home, one can begin struggling to keep up the image.

Additionally, many spend too much online and find their peers with better lifestyles. This is hardly the case because most people fake online lifestyles. At some point, there will be unwarranted effort put into meeting these standards. Real-life relationships will be tested when faking them becomes a problem.


Some social media pages work to one’s advantage, especially in building rapport. If you own a social media handle on Instagram or Facebook, chances are you appreciate the rapport. People online text regularly, meaning they create relationships in the shortest time possible.

It creates a sense of belonging once people meet offline. They sometimes feel like they’ve known each other for ages. Couples sometimes chat online too using their Twitter and Facebook accounts. This might sound artificial but sharing jokes and home stuff while away from each other is awesome.


Aside from creating distorted images, social media impacts relationships in very significant ways. For starters, many people share too much on social media. The information shared usually pertains to personal relationship matters. When a person shares about their struggling marriage online people laugh.

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At some point, others will offer bogus advice sometimes pointing them toward separation. This kind of misleading information leads to plenty of added stress in marriages and even divorces. The highest rates of divorce and separation have occurred during the last two or three decades. Suffice it to say, these rates are likely due to bogus information from the web.

Bottom Line

When you join a social media page, register for online dating or any other internet forum; be sure to have specific goals. Any time you feel a need to share home affairs remember the outcome can be quite unbecoming. When nosy neighbors and envious foes find your stuff online they will hit back. It will rarely work out in your favor. Stick to chatting with your spouse on phone-only apps or don’t get online at all.