Thailand is one of the most popular holiday destinations on the planet as a consequence of its beautiful scenery, amazing beaches and fantastic weather. Indeed, if you will be visiting the Thai island of Phuket in the near future, then you must make sure you do these top activities when spending time on the Andaman coast of the country. From eating great food, to relaxing on the beach and exploring the amazing markets along with visiting the attractions, you can have a fantastic time on this Thai island.

  • Explore Phuket Town
  • Relax on a beach
  • Eat Thai food
  • Enjoy the Sun
  • Explore the island of Phuket

1. Explore The Old Town

One of the best things that you can do during your time on the island of Phuket is to explore the historical part of old Phuket town. In this area you will be able to find colonial architecture as well as museums and fantastic night markets where you can find a variety of types of Thai food and other bargains. In addition, if you are looking to stay on the side of the island which has some of the best beaches, then you should find a hotel in Patong Phuket.

2. Relax on The Beach

Another essential thing to do during your time in Thailand is to find an amazing white sandy beach with beautifully clear water and amazing blue skies where you can relax and wind down.

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Moreover, if you enjoy spending time on the beach, then Thailand has some of the most magnificent locations on the planet with beautiful views and crystal clear water.

3. Sample Thai Cuisine

In addition, if you want a fantastic activity to do every day you must try the local Thai cuisine. Indeed, Thai food is well-known for its variety of flavours, while if you are looking to try authentic dishes, including papaya salad, pad Thai and tom yam soup, then visiting the island of Phuket is essential. The island of Phuket contains night markets and street food vendors where you can sample the cuisine.

4. Soak up The Sun

Given its location in Southeast Asia, Thailand has some of the best weather for a holiday destination. Indeed, if you want warm, sunny weather during your next holiday, especially during the European or North American winter, then you should think about visiting Thailand at this time of.

5. Explore The Island

Finally, other top activities that you can carry out on the island of Phuket are to explore the natural beauty of the island including the jungles and secluded beaches in the north of the island. Indeed, Phuket is the largest Thai island which contains fantastic scenery and amazing beaches.

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 As a consequence, if you are looking for a great holiday destination, you could think about booking your next trip away from home in this Southeast Asian nation.

Therefore to conclude, if you are looking for a great holiday destination, then you must think about visiting Thailand while a variety of activities can be carried out during your time on the Thai island of Phuket.