Social media has become ubiquitous in our lives, and Twitter is no exception. As a result, Twitter is constantly introducing new features to enhance user experience and engagement. One such feature is the introduction of recommended tweets from people you don’t follow. This new feature allows users to discover interesting content from accounts outside of their current network, and can ultimately help promote the engagement and growth of their account. Let’s have a look at this new feature in more detail.

Twitter is Bringing Recommended Tweets From People you Don’t Follow

Twitter recently announced the launch of a feature that will surface recommended tweets from users you don’t yet follow in your timeline. The goal is to make Twitter conversations more dynamic and show users more relevant tweets from people they may be interested in following. In addition, this feature allows users to get a wide variety of perspectives on Twitter, leading to more meaningful conversations.

This new feature shows you recommended tweets based on factors such as the accounts you already follow, topics and events trending in your area, the content you interact with, and the profile information you add or select about yourself (such as interests or demographic information). Twitter will then deliver truly personalised suggestions for tweets that are relevant to you.

The recommended tweets are only visible to you in your home timeline; other users won’t see them unless they follow the same accounts or engage with similar content. In addition, they’re delivered infrequently and in small batches so that timelines don’t get overly cluttered.

Users can opt-out of the feature at any time if they don’t want to see recommendations for new accounts beyond those that are already defined by their network on Twitter. With this new technology, Twitter hopes that its users develop deeper relationships within their networks on Twitter while utilising its platform as an avenue for discovering new and thought-provoking perspectives within conversations.

How The Feature Works

Twitter is rolling out a new feature that will show recommended tweets from people you don’t follow. This new feature will provide personalised content to users in a way that is tailored to their existing interests and habits. The feature will use machine learning algorithms to recommend relevant tweets from accounts that are not already in users’ timelines. This new feature can be a great way to discover new content and accounts to follow. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How Twitter Will Recommend Tweets From People You Don’t Follow

Twitter is introducing a new recommendation feature that will curate a selection of additional content from people you don’t follow by leveraging its deep learning algorithms. This content will be presented in the form of ‘recommended tweets’.

To provide quality recommendations, Twitter’s algorithms consider factors such as who you already follow, popular topics and conversations, your interests, and your engagement with content on the platform.

Here is how it works: Recommended tweets are embedded within timelines to ensure that users don’t miss important and interesting conversations they might otherwise have missed. In addition, a small percentage of these recommendations are highlighted at the top of timelines to ensure users can easily find relevant conversations and new accounts to follow.

Once users engage with recommended tweets—by replying, retweeting or liking them—Twitter’s algorithms learn more about them to personalise suggestions even more. Twitter believes this new feature will make it easier for people to find content they didn’t even know they were looking for while also helping them garner unexpected insights from social interactions outside their current timeline.

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How Users Can Control The Recommended Tweets

Twitter has introduced a new feature that will highlight recommended tweets from people users don’t follow in their timelines. This feature has been designed to help users find relevant conversations and connect with content they may otherwise have missed.

Users can opt in or out of the recommended tweets, which appear at the top of their timeline and are labelled “Recommended for You”. If they decide to opt in, they can further customise what type of tweet recommendations they see by using Twitter’s personalization settings.

The personalization settings allow users to specify the types of content notably amplified for them, such as news and updates about people, topics or events that interest them; breaking news; and timely commentary from experts on live events. Users can also adjust their mute keyword list so Twitter does not show tweet recommendations containing words or phrases on the list.

For those who decide to opt into this feature but are not interested in further customising it, Twitter will show its algorithmically suggested tweet recommendations based on the user’s past interests and interactions with other accounts on its platform.

Benefits of the Feature

Twitter is introducing a new feature that will show recommended tweets from people you don’t follow. This feature will make it much easier to find content that you may be interested in, from people outside of your usual circle. Additionally, this new feature will likely benefit influencers trying to reach a wider audience. Let’s examine how this new feature works and how it might benefit regular Twitter users.

Increased Engagement and Reach

Twitter’s newest feature is designed to help users discover content they may not have seen before, without straying too far from their timeline. This could potentially open up people’s feeds to more diverse and interesting content, increasing engagement and reach across the platform.

The new feature provides suggestions based on tweets you’ve liked or interacted with in the past and by monitoring accounts your followers interact with most. Therefore, it can introduce you to new content that is tailored just for you.

Users can participate in more conversations focusing on those topics by having access to a wider range of topics and interests. This can lead to increased engagement and potential for other users to see your tweets, both directly and through related hashtag conversations. It also encourages you to follow other accounts since the recommended Tweets from them would appear in your timeline regardless of whether you are following them or not – providing access to even more topics of interest!

Lastly, this feature allows Twitter users who haven’t been able to increase reach on the platform a greater opportunity – especially those using it influentially or strategically. Increased reach means a better chance of getting others interested in their account or profile – thus amplifying their message or voice even further!

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Access to New Perspectives

Twitter’s new feature allows users to discover content from people and topics you may not have seen, giving you a broader perspective. With it, Twitter is now presenting posts from accounts its algorithms suggest will be interesting or relevant to the user, even if they don’t subscribe to that particular account. This provides users access to views outside their own echo chamber and furthers the idea of an open discussion on the platform.

Additionally, this feature delivers more relevant posts in the “while you were away” section so users can easily keep up with conversations they wouldn’t have known about had this algorithm-based feature not been implemented. By potentially improving each user’s experience, Twitter also encourages more engagement and new viewpoints, bringing in more diverse users and perspectives.

It should also be noted that while Twitter recommends popular accounts within your network of connections, it promises to respect your privacy by never sharing who you follow with other advertisers or apps set up through its platform. This ensures that those behind the recommended tweets aren’t tracking your activity or influenced by what accounts you visit when looking for different perspectives on a topic or conversation.

Challenges of The Feature

Twitter’s new feature of showing recommended tweets from people you don’t follow is set to create a lot of buzz. It promises to bring more content to users and give them access to a wider range of perspectives. However, this feature comes with some potential challenges that must be navigated. Let’s explore these in more detail.

Potential for Misuse

An associated challenge with the potential misuse of this new Twitter feature is that people could be inundated with spam-like messages they did not prompt on their own. There is a fear that non-informative and potentially malicious offers could bombard users. For example, a malicious actor could use information gained from public data to identify and target people within a specified location or area, saturating them with tweets likely to capture their interest. This could result in individuals falling prey to scams and other unfair offers.

The risks posed by attaching large amounts of data containing personal information and news articles to the project further complicate its implementation. In addition, there are fear-mongering campaigns driven by bias, sensationalism or untruthful stories which may lead to a rise in divisiveness or other potential issues if these topics become popularly suggested via the new feature.

To prevent any potential misuse of this feature, all recommended content will be screened for violating any of the existing policies already outlined in the terms of service agreement for Twitter users. If content does not comply with relevant policies or guidelines, it will not appear as a recommended tweet on the user’s feed. In addition, to ensure that only high quality trusted content is being shown, Twitter is also striving to keep its dataset updated to prevent misinformation from circulating as truth via suggested tweets – this includes stories lacking reputable sources or factually accurate information.

Increased Clutter

The introduction of a new feature to Twitter that shows recommended tweets from people you don’t follow has raised alarm bells about increased clutter on the platform. According to research, people who use Twitter regularly take one to two minutes each day skimming their main feed for content. This isn’t a huge selection time compared to other social media platforms.

The concern is that with users being recommended posts from people they don’t follow leads to an increase in irrelevant content that users might get overwhelmed by and stop using the platform altogether. It could also make it more difficult for certain topics, such as those related to politics or LGBTQ+ issues, to gain traction or reach those who are interested because the feed will be polluted with unrelated content. A further worry is that this could lead to reduced user engagement and attention span because of their immersion into information overload and confusion.

Twitter has yet to show signs they will address these concerns. Still, until then many users have taken it upon themselves by creating lists and blocking tweets as best they can to not only maintain quality control but also find value through curated information that caters more specifically towards their interests and preferences.


With this new feature, Twitter is looking to help users find more interesting content in their feed and connect with people they may not have interacted with before. This could be beneficial for users looking to make new connections or just to find something new to follow or talk about. Twitter is also looking to ensure the recommended tweets are relevant to the user, based on their preferences. Let’s see how the new feature works and how it can benefit users.

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Summary of The New Twitter Feature

Twitter recently introduced recommended tweets from accounts that users do not follow. This will be in addition to the current timeline which shows tweets from accounts followed by the user. This new feature is designed to recommend content that Twitter believes is relevant and interesting to each user based on their past interactions in the platform and comments posted by other people in a user’s network.

This feature aims to give users an opportunity to discover and potentially connect with new content and accounts they may find interesting. Additionally, it will help prevent users from missing out on timely and relevant conversations, events, or topics that are happening in their network or around the world. The recommendation algorithm will show these tweets based on relevance scoring rather than randomness, so only quality tweets that fit a user’s interests are likely to be shown.

Finally, Twitter has provided some tools for users to give feedback on recommendations if they find them inappropriate or irrelevant. It also controls how often recommendations appear in their timeline through account settings. This way, users will have more control over their experience when viewing this new feature of Twitter.

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