WorkRamp, the Silicon Valley-based software company that provides onboarding and training solutions for businesses, has recently raised a $40M Series C led by Lightspeed Venture Partners and This funding round brings the company’s total capital raised to $68M and marks an important milestone in the company’s history.

In this article, we’ll explore WorkRamp’s place in the market and what this new influx of capital means for the company’s future.

What is WorkRamp?

WorkRamp is an innovative platform for continuous learning, enabling organizations to personalize employee learning journeys, deploy and track training initiatives, and measure the impact of training initiatives on measurable business outcomes. Founded in 2017 by three former corporate learning veterans – Brandon Carson, Marci Martinez and Chris Balkin – WorkRamp is a leading online work automation platform provider that enables companies to customize professional development programs for employees and monitor progress.

Headquartered in San Francisco, WorkRamp’s team of engineers and data science wizards have built a cutting-edge platform that helps businesses train their workforce and captures the impact of learning on their key performance metrics. With its easy-to-use yet comprehensive suite of modules, WorkRamp provides companies with the tools they need to speed up onboarding, boost performance and drive new productivity levels.

In 2020, following its Series B funding round led by Felicis Ventures which totalled $15M, giant technology venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz invested an additional $40M into WorkRamp’s Series C funding round. This expansive growth has enabled WorkRamp to become one of the most valuable players in the corporate learning market with global enterprise customers such as Netflix and Dropbox already on board.

Market Analysis

WorkRamp is a workforce development platform, and they recently raised $40M in Series C. This is a major milestone for the company, showing the potential the market sees in the platform.

To fully understand the potential, let’s take a closer look at the market, the competition, and the potential for the platform.

Size of the market

Understanding the market size for a product or service is an important part of an organization’s competitive analysis, as it helps gauge how much potential exists in the target area. For WorkRamp, this involves evaluating the cloud enterprise software market and understanding its growth rate, product categories, and leading players.

Cloud enterprise software is a growing market estimated to be worth over $140 billion in 2020. Furthermore, it is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16% over the next few years. The market can be further broken down into nine product categories: collaboration & communication, computing & storage, database & analytics, mobile, networking, security & compliance, software development, web application hosting & serverless.

While there are many competitive players in each category (e.g., Slack in communication, AWS in cloud computing etc.), WorkRamp stands out due to its comprehensive learning platform that enables companies to quickly build and deploy employee training programs.

Recently,WorkRamp secured $40 million Series C funding to accelerate its growth and further expand its suite of products. This announcement further strengthened Work Ramp’s position in the market as one of the leading providers of cloud enterprise software solutions.

Key competitors

WorkRamp is an innovator in the employee onboarding software market but does not operate alone. Several other high-profile companies have recently raised money and drawn attention to the industry. For example, Avature, Newrow, Altitude Learning, and Bridge have all raised substantial investment capital. Each vendor offers a comprehensive solution for employers when bringing new employees on board.

Altitude Learning and Newrow are focused primarily on K-12 markets while Bridge serves primarily corporations. Avature stands out as a provider of onboarding and recruitment solutions for corporate entities. These competitors offer powerful solutions comparable to WorkRamp regarding features and capabilities.

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However, WorkRamp has gained significant traction among major organizations due to its successful $40 million Series C round led by Greylock Partners with participation from investors including Y Combinator, Google Ventures, and Battery Ventures. This funding has enabled WorkRamp to bolster certain features that may stand out more than counterparts such as gamification in the onboarding experience and social recognition through new hires being rewarded for learnings during their first 90 days at an organization.

Overall several key competitors are operating in the same space as WorkRamp, but due to its significant recent round of funding the platform should be able to keep up with the latest market trends while still providing compelling functionalities that set it apart from other vendors operating in this space.

WorkRamp’s competitive advantage

WorkRamp’s competitive advantage lies in its ability to provide an end-to-end experience covering the onboarding and training process. Its combination of modern learning technologies and intelligent automation allows companies to quickly create and deliver customized onboarding experiences with higher success rates. This is especially beneficial for enterprises looking to make an impact on their employee retention rate.

The onboarding and training technologies market is growing rapidly, with many vendors offering specialized solutions for different parts of the process. However, WorkRamp stands out with its all-in-one approach, allowing customers to build custom onboarding experiences without integrating multiple tools. This saves time and reduces total cost of ownership significantly, as companies do not have to worry about setting up or managing complex IT infrastructure for data exchange or accessing customer support for all tools separately.

WorkRamp has invested heavily in AI technology, allowing organizations to take advantage of personalized learning techniques that have been successful across industries like healthcare, retail, ecommerce and more. Its AI algorithms allow it to suggest the best courses of action and guide users through their training sessions transparently, while giving organizations the insight they need into their team’s performance.

By raising $40M Series C led by Formation 8 Partners and Insight Venture Partners, WorkRamp is set up well to maintain its competitive edge in the industry going forward by unlocking additional sources of revenue across new use cases such as analytics, product development, marketing automation etc., while strengthening existing lines of business like customer experience management (CXM).

WorkRamp Raises $40M Series C

WorkRamp, an enterprise SaaS on-boarding company, recently announced that it has raised $40M for their Series C funding round. The funding was led by Coatue and will be used to build out their on-boarding and upskilling products and expand their market share.

This investment boosts WorkRamp’s market position and will be interesting to watch in the coming months.

Overview of the $40M Series C

WorkRamp recently announced an impressive $40M Series C funding round from leaders of the venture capital space. The round included a mix of both blue-chip firms and unicorn investors. Some notable investors included Icon Ventures, Founders Fund, Bessemer Venture Partners, Slack Fund, and individual investors such as Kevin Rose, Tim Ferriss, and Raj Atluru (Mayfield).

The announcement marks yet another major milestone for WorkRamp as they focus on growing their platform. This new funding puts the total amount raised by WorkRamp at just under $80 million since their founding in 2018. The investment further positions WorkRamp as a leader within the thriving Learning Management Systems (LMS) market.

WorkRamp CEO Matt Hicks said, “We are excited to have this partnership with such quality firms and individuals that share our vision of improving how companies enable teams through effective onboarding and employee enablement”. It is also worth noting that with this new round of funding WorkRamp has met its Series C targets with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


WorkRamp recently announced the completion of their $40M Series C funding. With this investment, led by OpenView, the total investments in WorkRamp to date has reached around $60M.

The new round of investments was made by existing investors – Lightspeed Venture Partners and Industry Ventures – and DTCP, Work-Bench, Mucker Capital and G Squared. These additional investors are taking the company’s place in the market to the next level along with their strong network of advisors and customers.

WorkRamp will use the funds generated from this round to further advance their learning automation product that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology. In addition, it is estimated that these investments will contribute to expanding WorkRamp’s customer base as they introduce new features such as augmented reality (AR) training modules, automated grading of assessments and more.

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This funding is part of a broader effort to reshape the future of work-based learning for enterprises. With its AI-powered platform for creating immersive training experiences, WorkRamp hopes to increase its user base and help organizations reach their goals faster with minimal effort from employees or trainers.

Use of proceeds

WorkRamp has raised $40 million in Series C funding, which will be used to scale up the team and accelerate its global expansion.

In addition, proceeds from the fundraising will be used to further refine WorkRamp’s product capabilities, supporting a vision of a comprehensive platform that helps enterprise customers and their vendors succeed.

In addition, WorkRamp expects to use this funding to increase investments in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that expand their automation capabilities. This will enable their customers to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness by reducing operational costs associated with manual processes such as onboarding, training, compliance management, etc.

Future Outlook

WorkRamp raised $40M in a recent Series C round, solidifying its position in the market as a corporate education and training leader. After this most recent round of funding, WorkRamp seeks to increase its global presence and expand its product offerings.

With this new capital injection, WorkRamp is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing corporate training market. Let’s take a look at what the future holds for WorkRamp.

Expansion plans

WorkRamp, the leading enterprise skills development platform, recently announced their $40 million Series C fundraise to accelerate their growth plans. This raises WorkRamps total raise to $70 million since the company’s founding in 2014.

WorkRamp plans to use this new funding towards expanding operations globally and continuing its mission of building products that make it easier for companies to acquire, process, track and deploy new skills quickly. With this influx of capital, the company is focused on further investments in partnerships and sales capabilities across various verticals to strengthen their market presence.

The additional funds will also go towards product innovation initiatives such as accelerating team collaboration and providing richer learning content tailored to the customer’s needs. The results of this investment are sure to make the customer experience even more seamless and enable more users than ever before to access valuable workplace skilling resources on an increasingly mobile workforce landscape.

In addition, WorkRamp is looking at long-term initiatives that revolve around reducing fragmentation in businesses’ customer data and providing in depth analytics capabilities to uncover areas for improvement when it comes to upskilling employees both internally or externally sourced talent – giving customers a much clearer view of future goals while helping them utilize existing resources effectively.

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Finally, WorkRamp will continue its research into AI powered Modeling technology that accelerates outcome monitoring while automatically assigning meaningful tasks along predetermined pathways – giving team members access specialized intelligence specific personalized skill training experiences that were previously unthinkable.

Future products and services

With the recent $40M Series C Raise, WorkRamp is well-positioned to expand our product and services offering in the future. Our platform equips enterprise customers with training, development, onboarding and knowledge-sharing capabilities. With this new funding however, we aim to continue improving these existing product services while introducing new ones.

Some of our planned offerings include a larger range of training materials that encompass topics such as customer service strategies, diversity & inclusion initiatives, compliance regulations, and more. This will give companies greater control over the shape and effectiveness of their employee onboarding process. We will also introduce new technology tools to enable employees to share knowledge experiences across fast-paced and distributed teams.

Our long-term view continues to be helping companies create an effective learning environment that can equip employees with essential skill sets while delivering value by adhering to a data-driven approach. In addition, by leveraging best practices from traditional and modern education methods, we can provide an adaptable system that evolves with the ever-changing corporate landscape.

Potential opportunities and threats

When evaluating the potential outlook of a business, it is important to consider both potential opportunities and threats that could impact future growth and success. Identifying opportunities for advancement and possible pitfalls can help develop strategies for mitigating risks and maximizing profits.

Potential Opportunities: These are the positives that can be taken advantage of to generate more revenue or improve the company’s reputation. These could include launching new products, gaining market share, expanding into new markets, or increasing efficiency due to technological advances.

Potential Threats: Just as important as taking advantage of potential opportunities is considering potential threats that could impede progress or cause harm to the company’s financial standing. These threats could include market saturation of similar products, government regulations limiting access to resources or customers, increases in costs related to production or materials needed for manufacturing processes, competition from other companies offering similar products/services at lower prices, or shifts in consumer preferences away from current offerings.

Evaluating opportunities and threats when assessing current business conditions or developing plans for the future direction of a company can help organizations prepare adequately ahead of time by limiting their risk exposure and setting themselves up for success.

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