Semperis, the leading provider of identity-driven cyber resilience for hybrid environments, has announced the expansion of its Cyber Attack Recovery for Active Directory solution.

This solution offers built-in post-attack forensics and fast OS provisioning to help users get back online and productive after a cyberattack. Additionally, the new features of this solution ensure that businesses have a reliable solution in place to quickly recover from any Active Directory-related cyberattack.

Background on Semperis

Semperis is an award-winning cybersecurity software company that offers comprehensive solutions to protect digital identities across enterprise IT infrastructures. Founded by industry veterans, the company was created to develop secure technologies that offer customers and users protection against cyberattacks.

Through their suite of products, Semperis brings advanced detection capabilities, granular controls and unparalleled accuracy to organizations whose security requirements involve safeguarding their Active Directory. This includes providing access control solutions to users and sensitive data and business continuity measures in case of cyberattacks.

To support these efforts and expand its capabilities, Semperis has now integrated an automated post-attack forensics process into its product suite which helps customers quickly reclaim their environment after a malicious incident occurs. Additionally, it has added new features for faster on-demand provisioning of full operating systems for secure restores or local quarantines of infected machines. These features enhance its ability to detect, contain and remediate Active Directory-related outages and attacks.

Semperis Expands Active Directory Cyberattack Recovery Capabilities with Built-in Post-Attack Forensics and Fast OS Provisioning

Semperis has announced the launch of its expanded Active Directory cyberattack recovery capabilities. This will increase IT admins’ efficiency and better protection for enterprises from cyberattacks.

The new capabilities include built-in post-attack forensics and fast OS provisioning. This article will explore the new features and discuss the significant benefits that Semperis’s expanded capabilities will bring.

Post-Attack Forensics

Semperis is committed to helping organizations protect their digital assets from the threat of cyberattacks. First, however, post-attack forensic analysis must identify the perpetrators and potential entry points for further attacks to ensure an organization’s safety.

To comprehensively address post-attack forensics and help organizations quickly recover from cyberattacks, Semperis has expanded its Active Directory cyberattack recovery capabilities with built-in post-attack forensics. This feature enables organizations to quickly examine the attack vector to uncover root causes, mitigate risks and learn lessons that could be applied in future situations.

This expanded capability allows organizations to track down the source of an attack, identify any malicious actors involved and formulate an appropriate response strategy. It also grants administrators control over all permissions related to an attack vector and creates detailed notifications when pertinent data structures are modified or physical objects are changed or deleted.

Semperis’ comprehensive post-attack forensics capabilities ensures organizations have access to actionable details immediately following a cyberattack — giving them visibility into critical data structure changes, malicious activity, user access records and other critical elements — all of which would otherwise be lost in the confusion following an incident.

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Fast OS Provisioning

Semperis has expanded its Active Directory cyberattack recovery capabilities by introducing built-in post-attack forensics and fast OS provisioning. By harnessing the power of Semperis’ patented cloud-native protection technology, companies can quickly identify, provide remediation recommendations and restore their systems to a safe, secure state.

The fast OS provisioning feature allows organizations to spin up a new operating system instance quickly in response to a detected attack. This speeds up the process of restoring original functionality and operations which are key for organizations needing to mitigate disruption while taking necessary steps that protect the organization from further cyber threats. It also allows organization administrators to respond rapidly without manually obtaining, configuring, managing and deploying patches themselves.

The new forensics feature provides organizations with unparalleled granular investigative information, assessing what happened during or after an attack. In addition, the feature records detailed evidence logs that can be used by forensic investigators or security teams responsible for determining root cause details such as attack source IP addresses and any changes made during malicious activity. This makes it easier for organizations to stay compliant with industry regulations around data security and protect against future threats.

Benefits of Expanded Capabilities

Semperis’ expansion of Active Directory cyberattack recovery capabilities greatly benefits businesses. With built-in post-attack forensics and fast OS provisioning, organizations can quickly detect and respond to any malicious activity that may have compromised their security.

Additionally, the expanded capabilities can help to better protect organizations from more sophisticated cyber threats.

Improved Security

Semperis has announced enhancing its Active Directory cyberattack recovery capabilities, offering new built-in post-attack forensics and fast OS provisioning for organizations increasingly under risk from advanced, targeted cyberattacks. This expanded capability helps organizations detect, assess and remediate cyber-breaches that have occurred on their networks and provide them with a faster way to restore their compromised systems with minimal down-time, thus improving overall security.

The increased level of security offered by Semperis’ solution is achieved through its intelligent, machine learning-based technology designed to give users near real-time visibility into what has happened on the network. The automated cyber forensics analysis regularly evaluates potential attackers’ tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) for better detection capabilities. In addition, it enables administrators to instantly verify if an attack occurred or not. The system also helps administrators identify the scope of a breach before beginning remediation efforts and can reveal malicious activities within a fraction of a second instead of hours or days like with manual investigations.

In addition to offering more robust security against attacks such as ransomware or data breaches originating from insider threats, this newly enhanced solution improves agility and speeds up incident response times. With fast OS provisioning for affected endpoints, complete with preconfigured settings for business critical applications such as Outlook or Microsoft 365 peers – organizations can be restored instantly, leaving no room for extended downtimes due to inadequate recovery processes.

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Faster Recovery Time

Recovering from an Active Directory cyberattack can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Semperis has developed new capabilities to help organizations respond quickly and with less disruption.

Their new solution provides fast post-attack forensics, which allows security teams to quickly investigate the incident and take the necessary corrective actions. It also offers quick operating system provisioning, meaning targeted machines can be restored without downtime. This ensures that employees remain productive, while limiting the damage caused by such incidents.

Organizations using Semperis’ expanded Active Directory cyberattack recovery capabilities will benefit from faster recovery times and less risk of further data breaches or exposure due to prolonged corrective steps. The solution also provides greater visibility into the nature of the attack, helping IT teams make informed decisions about how best to handle it to ensure cybersecurity compliance.


Semperis has taken a targeted approach to protecting Active Directory – the core of an organization’s identity infrastructure. Their latest additions, including built-in post-attack forensics and fast OS provisioning, have greatly improved the speed and reliability of the recovery process.

As such, organizations can rest easy knowing their Active Directory environment is well-protected from malicious actors.

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Further Reading

The importance of quickly recovering from active directory cyberattacks and the complexities involved in doing so cannot be overstated. Companies must ensure that they have the necessary tools and processes in place to ensure that if a cyberattack does occur, their data is protected and secure. Semperis addresses these issues by providing secure post-attack forensics, fast OS provisioning, and comprehensive protection for connected devices under one unified platform.

For further information about Semperis’ Active Directory cyberattack recovery capabilities, readers should visit their website for more detailed product information. Additionally, readers should consider conducting independent research to stay up-to-date on the changing security landscape. Finally, professional IT administrators may also benefit from attending academic seminars or conferences related to Active Directory cyberattacks and recovery solutions.