It was a worrying time for you as parents as you knew there was something not quite right with the behavior of your little girl. She wasn’t responding to you talking to her, and eye contact was sometimes minimal. She seemed to suffer from mood swings and didn’t try to talk as much as other children her own age.

After being assessed by specialists, she was diagnosed as having autism spectrum disorder. You were naturally fearful for your child, but a friend pointed you in the right direction to receive some much-welcome help. Like hundreds of other Australian parents, you are grateful for the work carried out by early autism services for 6 great reasons, which will help your child for years to come.

  1. Highly experienced and caring clinicians, along with an overseeing program manager, carried out the sessions in your home and at the clinic. Goals were set at the monthly meetings, where bespoke consulting plans were also put in place. Regular parent training aided the EIBI program, which promotes learning and skills development, along with changes in Early Intensive Behavioural Intervention.
  2. The techniques used were based on the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), which has a track record of success in achieving positive outcomes in the development of your girl as you were actively involved throughout, giving you and your partner a sense of achievement. You both also look back in fondness how you made your baby’s first Easter special for the family.
  3. Working alongside a group of caring individuals who operate as a trusted team who has the ethos that every child can learn filled you with confidence and peace of mind as you saw the improvements in your toddler. Using techniques based on a playing and holistic approach meant it was fun for her to learn, and the smile was on her face for longer.
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  4. It was fun for both of you as parents, too, as you understood your child’s condition and how to help properly through teaching methods offered by the experts. The fear disappeared from your lives as you all had fun together, sometimes enjoying nature at its best in a wetlands reserve.
  5. Finding out that it would not cost you money for the service was a great boost, as one of your worries was financing it, as cash was tight at the time. The program was entirely funded by the Australian Government NDIS scheme once your easy-to-compile application was successful.
  6. It was evident from the off that the programs are successful, not least by reading real-life stories from fellow Australian parents who had seen their children develop and benefit. Thousands of hours of learning are dedicated each year, with nearly 10,000 sessions being carried out by over 25 clinicians.
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The early autism services that you were successful in applying for at no charge have improved your child’s life forever and offered you and her dad the skills and knowledge to be able to help and understand.