Growing flowers is always a bonus that gives many benefits to your home, like an improved look and cleaner air. Anyone can plant flowers anywhere, whether in their garden, balconies, or even apartments, because no matter the space, you can grow healthy plants if you keep in mind some essential tips. At first, the process can seem challenging, as you have a lot of things to consider, but with perseverance, you will surely succeed in having the most beautiful and healthy flowers you can enjoy for a long time.

Here are some effective tips that will ensure your plants will grow healthy.

Plant Your Flowers in the Right Location

The location is one of the most important elements you need to consider. As flowers need plenty of natural sunlight, you need to ensure the place in which you plant your flowers has bright light. Each greenery has its own needs, so you must keep this in mind when choosing your flowers. For example, full-sun perennials should be planted in an area that receives many hours of sunlight. Also, you can opt for planters on wheels, like those from elho, where to place your greeneries, as they are perfect for gardens and can be easily moved so that your flowers will benefit from the sun all day long.

Keep in Mind Watering

If you choose to plant flowers in your garden, you need to know that you must offer constant care and water them properly. The water process can be tricky, especially if you are a beginner, as the right amount they need is always hard to discover. If you water too much, the flowers can drown; otherwise, they will dry up and die. In the beginning, flower experts recommend watering your plants daily when they are first planted so that they will survive and grow healthy. When this period is over, depending on the species, you will only need to water your plants every other day or once a week. Also, when watering, remember to avoid the flowers’ leaves because if you don’t, you can encourage mold growth.

Use Compost

Compost is the one that will keep your soil healthy so that your flowers will grow beautiful and strong. As it helps retain moisture, improves soil structure, and gives much-needed nitrogen, offering your plants good compost is essential. If you want to be sure your plants have enough nutrients, you can make the compost yourself. But don’t worry if you don’t have time for this step too, as you can easily buy one from the many choices you find in stores.


Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t over-fertilize, as you will do more harm than good this way. You can start with small steps and add a little bit at first, then increase the amount slowly when you see what your plant needs. If you keep your flowers in outdoor planters, you must also put some compost in the soil, as it will help them become stronger and healthier.

Get Rid of Pests and Insects

If you want to ensure your flowers grow well, you need to eliminate the pests and insects that can negatively impact their life. Insects are very common in any garden, and if you pay attention, you will see lots of greenflies on the leaves and gnats on the roots. Although some insects are beneficial for flowers, the case doesn’t apply to all, as some pests are harmful. If you choose to use insecticides, you need to be very careful and not touch any part of the plants, like the leaves or the petals, because the effects will be felt over time, and you will see that some areas will turn pale green or yellow. The best way to eliminate pests is to use organic insecticides, like pest strips, a strong spray of water, or pheromone traps, which will ensure your plants will grow healthy.

Prune Your Flowers

Exactly like the other steps from above that are essential for the flower’s health, pruning your flowers occasionally will also bring only advantages. Just make sure that when doing this, you remove the dead blooms carefully so you will not cause harm to the other parts of the plant.


If you prune your flowers regularly, you will see that they will produce more blooms than usual over a longer period. For plants that bloom in early spring, experts recommend that the pruning should be made a week or two after the flowers appear. For those that bloom in summer or fall, you should wait until winter or early spring.

Final Words

If you follow these guidelines, you will surely have healthy and beautiful flowers in your garden. Having plants gives you a responsibility, but if you offer the right care, greeneries will bring advantages to your home, as you will have cleaner air and the look of your home will be improved. Plus, gardening can also be therapeutic and reduce stress, as you will focus on an activity for a long time and keep the other thoughts that give you anxiety away. When you search for the right flowers to plant in your garden, you need to consider the space and light and choose flowers suitable for your space’s conditions. For example, roses and begonias are good for places that benefit from a lot of sunlight, so they can be the best alternatives if you have a bright home. But if this is not your case, don’t despair, as you will find the right plants that need a darker place, like Monstera Deliciosa, a wonderful option that will enhance your garden’s look.