Everyone likes the fluffy bandits that are always near you when you need some rest from the outside problems. They can change your terrible day into a lovely evening. Cats enjoy playing and sometimes even gambling. They are gambling with us when we are trying to catch a cat. If you want to test your luck while your cat sleeps, join the Bet20 login.

When cats purr with pleasure, their entire body vibrates in response. In addition, they sleep for half a day. So many reasons to be jealous! And before we get to the question of the popularity of cat videos on social media, we need to talk about the cats themselves.

Videos concentrate on everything that cats attract people so much – and this is, first of all, innate grace on the one hand and an absurd look on the other.

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 Beauty and Majesty

From the beauty and majesty with which nature has endowed cats, it is only one small step to complete humiliation. This is their precarious position, reflecting the precariousness of our lives, that makes us feel both a sense of delight and compassionate fear. A person making a video of a cat is usually driven by love and admiration for the grace of his model – or the desire to capture the moment when her dignity is shaken. Thus, cats precisely reflect how we feel about the human race.

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Cats As Actors

What a miracle of nature! What noble reasoning! With what boundless abilities! How accurate and amazing in structure and movements! How close to angels in action! The beauty of the universe! The crown of all living things! Early in the morning, they come near to you to wake you up and say hello! Take you to the kitchen so you can accompany the Lord until it has its early meal. And then Come back to sleep while you need a third cup of coffee to keep on foot. Only the theater can show it, and you can see it daily.

Even such a highly respected animal as a dog will not be suitable for this passage.

Yes, dogs also sometimes reason nobly and can be accurate and striking “in terms of their temperament and movements.” But still, they do not have unlimited abilities and are not equal to God in understanding; as a rule, dogs are simpler than cats and do not have the mystical dimension that humans and cats have.

Cats are lovely, clever, and sneaky. They will never leave you in a bad mood!