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Study all the time. Some study is easy; others must stay up at night to pass the exams. We will share some methodological ways of studying from the Nobel laureate in physics Richard Feynman. It is effective in any field of knowledge.

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Richard Feynman

I am learning all the time. I think that should be the motto of every scientist. Richard Feynman was learning all his life. Every person has a different brain; it needs the proper training. Richard Feynman found his way of training. Such skills helped him become anyone from a scientist to a driver, from a pilot to a gambler.

Everything is in our brains. Therefore, our brain requires training all the time.

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Share Some Information With a Child

The best option is to describe complicated things using simple words. It is like talking to a child and asking about everything; you have to explain it as simply as possible. So here is the first step, take a sheet of paper and try to describe what you are planning to learn using simple phrases.

As soon as you understand it, everyone can understand it as well. If there is something hard for you to explain, it means that you didn’t understand the topic or that part of the learning material. Try to figure it out.

Repeat Using Simple Language

At the beginning of a new subject, you will have difficulty with simple explanations. Like any new skill, storytelling takes practice. Every time you have difficulty, reread the topic of your learning material and try to explain it. If you have problems with some of its parts, just reread and try over and over until you cannot describe all the topics.

Make It Simple But Not Simpler

Try to retell in simple words the topic. As soon as you manage to do so, the job is done. If you still have some problems with some parts, reread and try again.

It is worth working on the topic, even if the explanations are not simple. Read and retail until you feel that this material is accessible.


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