English is the most spoken language in the world that we cannot avoid in any circumstances. So, there is no other choice but to learn it as a common communication tool. Here learning English from movies can be a great tool too. Today we will talk about some movies to learn English.

It is a well-known fact that most countries of the world use the English language as the official language. In order to communicate with other people, it is imperative to know this language. However, learning the English language takes years and many books. 

But, we will discuss some famous movies to learn English which can be a helpful and easy way to learn the English language. It can also be beneficial when you want to communicate with someone outside of your country.

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7 Best Movies in English

Here we will learn about a few movies that you must watch to learn English. They are very popular and have billions of viewers all over the world. So, let’s check this out. 

Finding Nemo

It is a fun kids’ movie that tells us a story about a small fish named Nemo and how his life circulates and goes through many incidents. It is very easy to learn the language without any hassle. It is a very enjoyable movie.

Movies like this are great for learning English. We all love watching movies. His life was interesting, and he had many adventures. After he grew up, he went to the ocean and got into a whole bunch of adventures.

The Terminator

It is a movie on robots and a terminator that comes from the future. It was a really popular movie of that time, and people were crazy about it. You can see some amazing movie plays in this movie and learn English.

It was the first movie about robots and a robot with a human form. In the movie, a cyborg has been sent back in time to assassinate John Connor, the leader of the resistance against the machines, which are supposed to take over the world. 


This movie is about the famous Titanic ship, where they have made some stories about the travelers and made it interesting. In the end, we see how the ship drowns. Easy and smooth language to learn English.

The Titanic was a passenger liner that sank in the Atlantic Ocean. The ship was traveling too fast in a storm, which caused her hull to crack. This created an undercurrent that eventually led to her sinking. The Titanic had more than 2200 people aboard, including many first-class passengers and crew members. The name 

Harry Potter

It is for kids, and here you will see how kids learn spells and use them to pass through many incidents. Here you will find Harry Potter and his friends experiencing many things in their life. You can see this to learn English well.

Kids should always have fun in their lives. They should never be too serious. They should learn how to have fun and enjoy life. They should learn to be friends with others and to be kind.

Star Wars

Star Wars was a movie of its kind, and people never missed that for its exciting story and the action scenes. War on the galaxy, spaceships and many things were there, and it was very exciting to watch. You can learn English from the regular conversation here.

Star Wars is a science fiction film about the conflict between two groups of people that have opposing ideologies. One group believes that the Jedi (the wise and holy warriors) is a myth, and the other believes that they are real. 

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the rings is another ancient based movie where people see remarkable life in different kingdoms and how they fight and survive. You will see how people betray and live in odd situations. This is also a good movie to develop your English.

A lot of people love movies about fantasy and magical places. If you like watching movies about fantasy and magic, you might want to watch Lord of the Rings. 

Pirates of the Caribbean

There are many battleships and jewel hunting scenes in this movie. It is very thrilling and enjoyable to watch the whole movie here. Just follow the dialogues and learn English well.

If you like watching movies, you’ll love watching this movie. You’ll find this a really entertaining movie. It is very enjoyable, and you will like the characters as they are all quite entertaining. You will have the opportunity to learn how to speak and understand English from the language used in the movie.

Final Words

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