What do you give your mother who gave you everything? For those of us who have a close and special relationship with our mothers, we want the absolute best for them. When it comes to gifts, this means trying to give them something they will love and cherish, or at least delight in. Don’t fall into the trap of just looking for the most expensive thing you can. More often than not, something thoughtful that offers her real value in one way or another is going to be the real ticket winner.

If you are at a loss as to what to get your mother this year and want to do something a bit different than you have in the past, consider these top five great gift ideas:

A Trip

If you want to give the ultimate gift, then plan a trip for just the two of you. One-on-one time with our parents is so important, especially as we all get older. By booking a trip (especially to someplace she has always wanted to go) and taking care of all the planning, you will give her not just a great gift but precious memories that are invaluable.

Alternatively, you can book a romantic getaway between her and her partner. This is a particularly thoughtful gift if your parents haven’t had a lot of time to spend just the two of them.

Professional Skin Care Treatments

There are so many wonderful skincare treatments out there. Rather than simply book your mother a spa trip, book her a treatment at riveraesthetics.com. They offer so many treatments, from anti-wrinkle treatments to skin revitalization treatments. Though not all of the treatments are necessarily luxurious in the experience, the results are. If your mother has been feeling less like herself as she ages, then giving her a treatment package from a clinic rather than a spa is a great option.

Try to have a conversation with her about her skin beforehand, so you can pick the right treatment to give to her. There are many non-surgical options, so understanding what grievances she has about her skin can help you pick the one that ticks most of those boxes.

A Course

Has she always wanted to learn how to paint? Or how to create furniture? There are so many skills that we may wish we knew but didn’t have the time or even a clue on how to get started learning. If you know of a skill she wants to learn, take the first step for her.

There are short courses and workshops everywhere. They vary in price and time commitments. If it’s something that she wants to commit herself to, for example, you can splurge and enroll her in a short course at one of the universities. If not, you can get her a one-day workshop voucher so she can pick which day.

Something You Made

Putting your own artistic skills to work to create something custom for her is always going to be a hit. There are so many options you can do for this as well, depending on your hobbies. If you knit, you could make a sweater. If you paint, you can create a centerpiece for her living room.

The Boring Thing That’s Been On Her List Forever

Sometimes gifts don’t have to be luxurious. They can be practical. If your parents have been complaining about the state of their driveway and how they wished they could get a brick inlay installed, then that can be an amazing gift. These gifts are usually best to crowdsource together, as they tend to be more expensive (and why your parents haven’t had it done).

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