Even with recent legalizations, finding a dispensary that sells quality weed may be difficult. State regulations institute guidelines for the quality of weed sold in San Jose dispensaries and others. Regardless of these legal institutions, finding a dispensary selling sub-par marijuana is possible.

What to do? As a stoner, you want a weed source that offers quality products. While you can tolerate sub-par cannabis from street vendors, you shouldn’t have to do the same when getting it from dispensaries. So, what do you need to look out for?

What Qualities Make a Dispensary Good?

From the outside, you may not know if a retail shop is ideal or not. There is always the option of buying from each and comparing, but that will take up much of your time. A time-saving alternative is to evaluate some key factors that go into the production of buds and provision of services. The following are some of the telling factors for the quality of a dispensary;

Retail Space

In your shopping endeavors, you want a roomy place that allows you to explore. Most retail stores in the market have enough room for you to relax and look around.

The more space a shop has, the better stocked they are. Even though the space may be cramped, make sure they have a spacious arrangement. Its arrangement is telling of the organization and capabilities of its staff.


Are you an edibles stoner or a joint person? Whatever you partake in should be well-stocked in your chosen store. With a well-equipped store, you get the alternative to choose from a range of strains and products.

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When picking out a dispensary, it is always best to pick out one with various products. You can enjoy regular buds and explore other strains and products when needed.

Customer Service

As a customer, you should be treated right in any establishment. You do not want to buy your marijuana products from a store with terrible customer service.

The employee’s role is to make you feel welcome and have sufficient information to guide you on your purchases. Your chosen dispensary should have well-experienced and informed employees.

Technologically Savvy

With the dawn of technology, establishments have taken to incorporating technology into their general running. Due to the efficiency, it awards buyers, you should select a shop that embraces technology.

One of the major aspects is an online presence. Are they active on social media? Do they have online services? Can you purchase from a website? Their ability to meet your needs online is a strong indicator of efficiency.

State Certifications

The price that these cannabis stores have to pay for selling their products is in the form of licenses and certifications. Each state has a given set of regulations that any weed-selling store has to abide by.

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A good dispensary has up-to-date certifications and abides by all the imposed regulations.

How to Pick a Dispensary

At the end of the day, it all comes down to preference. While the above qualities should influence your decision, you will choose the one you want.

When picking out a dispensary, consider aspects such as proximity, online availability, variety, and certifications. What you do not want is to end up buying from a store without the proper licensing.

Most of the dispensaries listed on online sites have met the certification requirements in their state. But as a user, you shouldn’t trust these reviews without conducting your own research. You can look them up, and if possible, stop by and gauge the store for yourself.

Why Dispensary Weed is Better than Street Weed

Comparatively, dispensary weed is better than street weed. Most of the time, both pack the same kind of high. The reason dispensary marijuana has the upper hand is in line with the state legalization. Legal stores are held to a code of conduct that assures users of well-processed weed.

Cannabis from a legal store has undergone certification and testing to attest to its safety. This is the exact opposite of street cannabis. The vendors source their weed from unknown places, and even the packaging is not regulated. What you end up with is a potential cannabis product that could be laced with other substances.

Another contributor to the safety of dispensary marijuana is the statement of potency levels. With each strain, the employees and, sometimes, the packaging informs you of the potency percentages. You will get to choose from various well-known strains rather than trust the allegations of a street vendor.


As more and more states embrace marijuana for recreational and medicinal use, dispensaries are cropping up in huge numbers. How do you decipher which is the best? The answer to this is somewhat straightforward. The presentation and service delivery of the store will inform you of their appropriateness to offer quality products.

As a stoner, you shouldn’t simply settle for any weed. The goal is to get the best product in the market that is also certifiably safe. And what better way to achieve the same than buying from a legalized stall?