The hustle and bustle of the busy lives people live today make it seem like keeping an organized life is almost next to impossible. Going through everyday life is a juggling act of different things to do from the moment you wake up until it’s time to call it a day. You may have your day planned out and well scheduled, but next thing you know, something comes up, and your day becomes a mess.

On top of that are the many roles you play. You could be a parent while being a sibling, a friend, a colleague, a boss, an employee, the president of the PTA, and the list goes on. Besides, your house is a mess, and everything seems out of order. So this is a call for help to redo your life and give it a facelift by being more organized.

When your days are in order, and you’re in control of your life, you’ll undoubtedly feel more relaxed and confident. Thus, it’s not too late to start organizing your life by applying these four essential habits:

Draft Easy And Workable To-Do Lists Every Day

You may be a super mom or dad, but this doesn’t mean you have unlimited hours in a day. Your to-do lists may never be completed simply because your list is unrealistic. Don’t try to squeeze in too many things for you to accomplish. Otherwise, seeing one incomplete to-do list after will make you even more stressed. Also, it puts your day off on a bad start when you’re still trying to complete what you haven’t done the previous day.

Keep your to-do list simple. If you’re into tech and gadgets, then no problem with using digital lists. If even that’s too complicated for you, an old-school pen and paper and a notebook planner, like these 2023 daily planners online, will work just fine. You don’t need anything fancy to come up with your daily to-do lists.

Embrace A Positive Attitude

How you see your days, whether half-empty or half-full, makes a big difference. Starting it on a positive note means you’re ready to see the good in everything, no matter what it is you’ll come across in the day. Moreover, taking the perspective that the glass is half-full allows you to focus on doing what you can to make the cup even fuller.

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This is because a disorganized individual doesn’t try or look for ways to make the cup fuller. This makes your day and life even more cluttered. Staying positive gives you the mindset to let go of whatever negative thoughts you have, so you can keep your eyes geared and focused on every single item on your to-do list for the day.

Build A Routine Of Good Habits

Sleep eight hours a night. Drink at least eight to ten glasses a day. These are two of the most common routines established in children, which are often lost in adulthood. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Did you know that having a routine of good habits is also good for adults?

If you’re spending an hour or two every day mindlessly scrolling through your social media sites, then you don’t lack time, as may be the alibi of many people who don’t get to finish their to-do list. Instead, you’re just not using your time wisely. That hour could have otherwise been spent exercising or catching up on your daily chores.

Consider trying the following for a week, and you may notice how much extra time you now have. Focus on intentional habits like:

  • Setting boundaries between life and work
  • Sleeping eight hours every evening
  • Making a conscious effort to spend time with family and friends
  • Reading or exercising for one hour every day
  • Meal prepping every weekend, so you can break the temptation to order fast food takeout during busy days

Learn To Prioritize

Along with the third tip above, a workable to-do list is one that you apply by learning how to prioritize big and important tasks first. Doing those first things in the morning gives you that sense of accomplishment that you finally took them off your list. It gives you that mental note and power to keep going now that you’ve made progress.

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This is a simple tip that makes for organized days. Who knows, this may be the technique you need to learn to avoid your to-do lists. Your life will have more order when you can do more every day without necessarily overworking yourself.


Hopefully, with the tips above, you realize that staying organized isn’t about abiding by strict rules. It’s not about constricting yourself to do only this or that, but more about applying good habits. Furthermore, organizing your life means having more productive and efficient days, so you’re happy wearing all the hats in your life. Furthermore, you can organize your life in many ways, starting with all you’ve learned above.