Mosaic, a US software company based in San Francisco, has recently closed $44 million in series A funding to further develop their construction planning automation technology. Aimed at streamlining the building process, Mosaic’s technology helps to reduce project cost overruns and speed up time to market.

This technology is designed to give a bird’s eye view of project data so subcontractors and general contractors can have greater visibility into the overall progress of a construction project. This article will provide an overview of the features of this technology and how it is being used to better manage construction projects.

Overview of Mosaic

Mosaic is a construction technology company that helps streamline the planning and execution processes within the construction industry. With an innovative AI-enabled platform, Mosaic provides a simple and configurable workflow-driven system in which project owners, developers, contractors, and vendors can all collaborate on batching, scheduling and resource planning. This allows construction teams to stay one step ahead as they progress through their projects while managing costs, timelines and resources more effectively.

Before its current success of raising $44M from venture capitalists to build out their automation platform for construction planning processes – Mosaic was founded in 2014 by tech entrepreneurs Arthur Xin Liu and Jason Adams. They quickly expanded their product offering for design authorization management software to help the complete lifecycle of projects related to real estate development. After implementing the platform for various customers, it became increasingly apparent that there was a need for automated optimization across multiple stages of project planning.

To better working process efficiency by reducing human involvement from tedious task repetition – Mosaic built out a brand new intelligent workflow calculator as well as various AI-enabled assistant capabilities that allows users an inside look into how resources are prioritized within jobsite developments between stakeholders along with real time analytics providing necessary trends relative in comparison to their goals.

Overview of Mosaic’s construction planning automation technology

Mosaic, a startup bringing automation and AI to the construction planning process, has raised $44 million in a Series B funding round. The funding is co-led by CE Ventures and Mayfield, with participation from Strativity Ventures, Next47, OpenView Venture Partners and MissionOG. This brings Mosaic’s total funding to $51 million since it was founded in 2018.

Mosaic was created to digitize and streamline the construction planning process. It combines digital models of existing facilities with machine learning algorithms to create 3D simulations that can be adapted iteratively until the perfect design is achieved. These simulations make it much faster and cheaper for firms to plan each step of their builds.

The automation technology created by Mosaic takes the tedium out of many traditional workflows in preparation for construction projects. By automating mundane tasks such as blueprints creation and engineering analysis – traditionally done by hand – Mosaic provides an invaluable asset to architects, engineers, developers and contractors who up until now have had to manually sort vast amounts of data before they could move ahead on any given project.

By investing in this innovative technology firms will be able to save time during the preconstruction phase but also reduce errors that have traditionally been a major issue during the building process — saving both time and money for everybody involved. This initially looks like it will be primarily beneficial for larger scale projects but adopting this technology could also help smaller developers increase their efficiency as well as provide a useful benchmark for development processes across different levels of commercial builds or residential work.

Market Opportunity

Mosaic’s automated construction planning technology provides an opportunity to create more efficient and cost effective solutions for the construction industry. The company’s technology solutions are designed to reduce the amount of manual work involved in the construction planning process. This will not only save companies time and money, but it will also improve worker safety and project quality.

In addition, the technology will have a positive impact on the environment, as fewer resources will be used in the process.

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Current state of the construction industry

The construction industry has traditionally been a manual, labor-intensive process with no efficient or reliable systems for seamlessly automating and managing tasks. Time is wasted on communication and paperwork handoffs, resulting in costly delays and budget overruns. In addition to inefficient manual processes, miscommunication between stakeholders can lead to unnecessary conflicts which has the potential to have negative impacts on project timelines and budgets.

This lack of automation results in slow production speeds, less efficient working practices, and suboptimal performance. For many contractors, it is a challenge to keep up with the competition in terms of modernizing their processes to boost performance and maximize resources deployed on projects large and small. To address these challenges head-on, Mosaic seeks to revolutionize the building planning process by providing a fully integrated end-to-end solution that automates preconstruction planning tasks like bid management, scope analysis, budgeting/forecasting and data analytics.

With this new technology solution provided by Mosaic, construction teams will be able to plan projects more efficiently while reducing delays caused by paperwork errors or miscommunication.

Potential benefits of Mosaic’s technology

Mosaic’s construction planning automation technology has the potential to bring numerous benefits to the construction industry. The automation of many traditional tasks using a digital platform allows for faster, more efficient construction planning than ever before. In addition, this technology provides users with access to real-time data and analytics that can be used to quantify every aspect of their projects in order to improve quality and cost control.

Using Mosaic’s technology can also help promote collaboration between all stakeholders involved in a project, leading to a better overall project outcome. By streamlining the process of collecting supporting documents and mitigating risk through real-time analytics, both contractors and clients can save time and money on projects while promoting greater transparency between team members.

Additionally, Mosaic’s technology helps increase safety by giving users access to comprehensive mapping tools which provide updated information on hazardous conditions on sites at any given time as well as automated inspections that quickly identify potential problems before they become serious issues. Finally, Mosaic’s platform features an intuitive user experience that is easy for anyone from experienced professionals to new employees who are just entering the workforce.

Mosaic raises $44M to automate the construction planning process

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Mosaic recently raised $44 million in a Series C funding round. Mosaic is a construction planning automation technology company providing end-to-end solutions for the construction industry.

The investment was led by Insight Partners, with participation from existing investors, including Tiger Global Management, Aspect Ventures, and Baseline Ventures. This new funding brings the total funds raised to date by the company to $71 million.

Breakdown of the $44M investment

Mosaic, a construction planning automation technology provider, has announced that it has raised $44 million in a Series B funding round led by the Foundry Group. Existing investor Lightspeed Venture Partners and Global Founders Capital also joined the round, along with other venture and industry partners.

Mosaic said that it will use the funds to expand its platform offerings, grow its team of industry experts, and drive more customer success while working to introduce a new generation of data-driven and automated workflows to the industry.

The breakdown of the $44 million investment is as follows: $13 million from Led by Foundry Group; $2 million from Lightspeed Venture Partners; $3 million from Global Founders Capital; and the remaining funds from industry partners. According to data compiled by Crunchbase, about 61 percent of this investment came from venture capital followed by corporate investors at 35 percent. The remaining 4 percent was contributed by angel investors.

Use of funds

Mosaic, a San Francisco-based startup focused on automation and streamlining construction planning processes, has raised $44 million in a mix of equity and debt. The funds will be used to expand the company’s team and operations as well as to expand its engineering and product capabilities.

Mosaic aims to make the construction planning process more efficient for architects, engineers, contractors and other related professionals by using its software. This includes analyzing demand signals from BIM (Building Information Modeling) software, identifying key tasks in Submittal Packages, generating automated workflows that sync tasks between different stakeholders, verifying plans using an artificial intelligence engine and using an autonomous project manager that drives accountability across teams. In addition to this, the company has also developed AI-driven construction analytics capabilities which allow customers to find measurable insight into their projects.

The funds will be used primarily to accelerate the development of new products as well as expanding Mosaic’s capabilities in existing markets. The company already has over 200 customers in the Americas and Europe spread over 21 countries including USA, Canada, Mexico UK along with some clients in Africa & Asia.

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Mosaic has recently raised $44M to revolutionize the construction planning process. Their technology combines machine learning, computer vision, and automated drawing to build a project-planning platform that enables accurate and automated planning of construction projects.

With an AI-based platform that can be used to plan large-scale building projects, Mosaic is paving the way for the future of construction planning.

Overview of Mosaic’s technology

Mosaic is a technology platform that seeks to change traditional construction planning processes and toolchains through automation. The company’s automation technology uses both computer vision and machine learning to analyze photos of construction sites, find patterns in those images, and transform them into 3D models that reflect a current status of the workspace. This provides more accurate data for automated design tools which can then be used to create optimized plans for building projects.

Mosaic’s technology platform integrates with existing industry solutions such as Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, ESRI, Bentley Systems ProjectWise, Bluebeam Studio Connected, Synergy Sphere Mosaic Orchestration Platform for construction automation (SOPCA), Procore, Oracle Primavera Unifierand PlanGrid into a unified workflow. It combines innovation in visual analytics with cloud computing to provide a highly efficient process that drastically improves time-to-market while preserving collaborative workflows across the entire design-build lifecycle.

Using AI-based image recognition algorithms built on deep neural networks along with data organization capabilities of cloud computing services like Microsoft Azure Kinect SDK or Amazon Web Services Rekognition API Mosaic enables contractors to measure depths and map site information quickly in the field and accurately assess changes on-site day by day. It helps contractors save time when creating extremely detailed floor plans – quick detailed CAD documents – which could not be made without surveyors or expensive equipment. With its fast scanning capabilities backed by powerful Artificial Intelligence capabilities Mosaic also makes it easier for virtual engineering teams to collaborate better on projects by providing them with both real time updates as well as retrospective analysis of changes done over the course of multiple cycles on a development project.

This advanced tech turns images into valuable insights almost instantaneously thus allowing stakeholders like owners, architects or sub contractors adequate room for collaboration on decisions taken regarding cost or materials needs residing within their service area. Contractors are able to identify issues beforehand in addition to being able to access multiple cycles’ worth of discrepancies enabling them to provide better accuracy when seeking estimates and provide both risk reduction as well as cost savings when managing large scale developments at sites spread across states or even countries . Mosaic’s technology has been used by leading companies in North America and Europe such as Blockimpact among many others aiding them efficiently manage their entire end-to-end planning process from roadblocks caused due unforeseen site conditions all the way down till executing complex RFIs (request for information).

Features and Capabilities

Mosaic has developed a cloud-based construction planning and scheduling technology that automates the process of charting out activities and tasks within a construction project. The platform streamlines workflows by providing project teams with visibility into real-time data, actions and performance across all stages of a project. This allows for accurate cost tracking, labor forecasting, resource allocation, and more.

Mosaic’s automated system enables users to manage critical information from multiple sources in one central dashboard. By integrating various parts of a large scale construction workflow into one platform, Mosaic makes it possible to track progress from start to finish quickly and easily. Users are able to connect their workforce in the field with their office personnel securely with performance tracking capabilities for improved communication throughout a job site.

The technology also offers customizable templates so users can customize their tasks and timelines as needed. This flexibility allows them to easily adjust resources or timeline as projects go along without having to manually redo large portions of the plan manually. Additionally, job costs are automatically tracked so users can monitor budget issues quickly and easily when executing on complex builds or remodeling projects.

Overall, Mosaic’s cloud-based construction planning automation technology empowers construction teams to better coordinate materials and manage skilled labor while ensuring projects remain on time and budget through accurate monitoring of tasks, personnel allocations, cost increments and performance tracking information at every step of the way.

Future Plans

Mosaic recently raised $44M to expand its construction planning automation technology. This technology allows construction companies to automate their construction planning process, which can help them save time and money. With this extra funding, the company is looking to further expand its capabilities and reach more customers.

In this section, we will talk about some of the future plans the company has for their technology.

Expansion plans

Mosaic, a startup specializing in construction planning automation technology, has recently raised $44 million in a new round of funding to accelerate its expansion plans. This fundraising round was led by AI and technology venture capital firm ZGC Capital and will enable Mosaic to develop breakthrough technologies to displace a trillion-dollar industry.

Mosaic’s technology platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to allow engineers, designers, and managers the ability to customize an entire construction process digitally. This capability could ultimately lead to decreased incidents of wasted time and cost-saving measures for the labor force as well as improved accuracy and environmental stewardship over the entire building process.

The new funding from ZGC Capital will not only be used for growing Mosaic’s client base but also cultivating partnerships with construction companies in order to expedite the game-changing capabilities of its proprietary technology. The company plans on leveraging this investment capital in order to continue developing its platform, which includes enhancing its online 3D platform for interactive collaboration between team members. In addition, Mosaic is concentrating on providing further support services for the construction industry such as its Inspection Services which allows contractors the capacity to check whether project activities are in line with regulations or not.

In conclusion, this new round of investment highlights how innovation can drive a trillion dollar industry forward with Mosaic’s technology solutions leading the charge across multiple platforms that are both accessible by partners and clients within a secure framework.

Potential partnerships

To gain success from its recently secured $44 million in funding, Mosaic plans to explore potential partnerships with construction companies and other stakeholders specialising in civil engineering, architecture, structuring and surveying.

With the funding raising the company’s total raised amount to $53 million, this provides an opportunity for further research into the development of its construction planning automation technology for a broader range of possibilities. Furthermore, it can also look into optimising its current technologies so as to expand their capabilities.

Through these concerted efforts and collaborations, Mosaic aims to provide greater accessibility to its technology so that even smaller construction companies will be able to benefit from such a technological advancement in terms of speed and cost savings.

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