Selecting a lawyer might be challenging. You want to win your case; therefore, you must pick a highly efficient lawyer. It would help if you had a reliable ally who would devote time and energy towards supporting your efforts to secure compensation. Various law firms, like Share lawyers, can assist you in your case; however, looking at their track records and ratings is vital to make the best choice.

Hiring a disability attorney to handle the case can significantly increase your chances of winning. Still, it’s crucial to ensure the person you choose is skilled, competent, and eager to go above and beyond for you. But remember that the lawyer shouldn’t be the only one who raises queries; you should also ask your questions.

It would be best if you weren’t hesitant to ask questions when you contact for a consultation or visit for your initial meeting.

Here are the top inquiries to make to your attorney.

Does Social Security permit you to practice law?

There are many advantages to ensuring that the advocate is a licensed attorney, even though Social Security permits non-legal advocates to counsel claimants in disability hearings. In particular, attorneys frequently handle issues in federal court versus non-attorneys and are likely conversant with pertinent Social Security laws and case law. Additionally, the costs charged by attorneys and non-attorney advocates are typically the same.

Do you have any experience with disability law?

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Disability law is a specialized topic; you must avoid choosing a general practitioner to manage the case. It is always recommended to select a lawyer with a specialty in the concerned case type; you can contact services like Share lawyers to learn more.

Can you make an on-the-record (OTR) request?

An attorney may create an OTR request to petition the judge to accept you without a hearing if there is overwhelming proof of disability. While this can be time-consuming and only sometimes appropriate, your attorney should be willing to explore submitting an OTR request if they believe it has a chance of success.

How frequently will they talk about the case before the hearing?

If your case was denied at the first level, it could take a year or more to get a hearing before an administrative law judge. At this time, the attorney should contact you regularly to update you on your medical situation.

Will you be able to catch up physically before the court hearing?

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Rather than only discussing your case over the phone, the attorney should meet with you before your hearing. Unless you reside in a distant place and lack transportation, you should request to meet with your attorney at least once before your hearing.


You can be confident that an experienced disability lawyer will be able to answer all your questions. Most attorneys will be glad that you are concerned enough about your case. Furthermore, when you hire a disability lawyer, your first concern is to ensure that the lawyer is capable enough to help you get compensated for your losses.


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