One Room Challenge Week Three

October 20, 2016

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One Room Challenge Week Three | Love LolaSomehow it is already week three of the one room challenge. I can’t believe how fast it is flying by, and I am loving how Piper’s room is coming together.

This week the new prints I ordered (here and here) came in for the nursery. I visited a few shops around town, and realized that I could save close to $100 dollars on frames if I bought them from Ikea. I’ve been wanting to take a trip to Ikea for the longest time, but something always seems to come up. Since the closest Ikea is two hours away, we can’t just pop over to pick a few things up. Sunday afternoon, I didn’t have much planned and thought “What the heck, I’m just gonna do it.” Scofield works on Sundays, so it was just me and the babe. I fed her, put her in the car just in time for her afternoon napped, grabbed a coffee at starbucks, and we hit the road.

For the most part, she did great, but we did hit some pretty bad traffic on the way home. At one point we were in standstill traffic on the highway, she was tired, hungry, and screaming, and I’m singing trying to calm her down until we can get to the next exit. Whew, glad that’s over! Luckily, she fell asleep, traffic picked up, and we made it home.One Room Challenge Week Three | Love LolaOne Room Challenge Week Three | Love LolaOne Room Challenge Week Three | Love LolaOne Room Challenge Week Three | Love LolaSince we made the long trip to Ikea, I went ahead and picked up a plant, a few extra frames, and a classic white plant pot. The pot was another item I had had my eye on for some time, and I managed to land the last one in the store (insert fist bump)! Three weeks down, three to go!

Week one of the One Room Challenge
Week two of the One Room Challenge

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One Room Challenge Week Two: Nursery Progress

October 13, 2016

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One Room Challenge Week Two

Hello week two of the One Room Challenge!

This week the perfectionist in me has been giddy as I dream of completing this room and making steps toward it. My husband, Scofield, and my father-in-law (handiest man alive!) built these little floating bookshelves for me out of leftover wood we had in our garage. I had been begging my husband for months to haul off and get rid of all of the random pieces of wood we are hoarding in our garage. But in this moment, I was happy to have it ;).

The shelves have been up for a bit, but this week I had so much fun rearranging and styling them. At almost 11 months, Piper still destroys (via chewing, eating, or ripping) most books, so we only keep the board books easily accessible to her in her book bin. Until she’s a little older, hard back books will hang out here when we’re not reading them together.

One Room Challenge Week Two

We also finally replaced our chair!! I am so so in love with the gray nursery works rocker we have in Piper’s room, and it makes me want to hang out in there for hours. We paired it with this leather pouf, and I am loving the combination. Of course, it would have made a million times more sense to purchase our own rocking chair when Piper was a newborn, considering how many hours I spent sitting and nursing her, but this chair actually came at a good time, too. Piper has literally never woken up in the middle of the night all 11 months of her life (I know, weird!!), which I am so thankful for. (I will say, getting her to fall asleep is a whole other story!) But as soon as we purchased this rocking chair she came down with a little bug and was up all night long. I spent most of the night rocking and holding her, and I was so thankful for a cozy chair to snooze and rest in during that long, long night.

One Room Challenge Week Two

This week we are getting a few pictures framed, making a trip to Ikea to grab a few items, and plant (preferably ‘faux plant’) shopping. Can’t wait to share more progress next week! And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out all of the other design products going on in the One Room Challenge, here!


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Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

October 7, 2016

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Highway 30A Travel Guide - Love LolaWe wrapped up the summer with a trip down south to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. We spent the week among friends, babies, and a beautiful ocean view. I can’t think of a better way to finish off the summer and head into fall. I immediately fell in love with the Santa Rosa, Seaside, Rosemary beach area, and am already talking to Scofield about going back!

In between card games and nap schedules, Scofield and I snuck off for a few hours and explored highway 30-A. I thought I’d put together a little travel guide of some of the things we enjoyed, and places to visit if you ever visit the Highway 30-A area!Highway 30A Travel Guide - Love LolaHighway 30A Travel Guide - Love LolaHighway 30A Travel Guide - Love LolaHighway 30A Travel Guide - Love Lola1 | Visit the beach … obviously! I could not get over the white sand and the beautiful water. The older I get, the more the beach wins me over, and its a vacation I look forward to every year. We typically vacation at SC beaches, so visiting the clear, beautiful gulf felt like a special treat.Highway 30A Travel Guide - Love LolaHighway 30A Travel Guide - Love LolaHighway 30A Travel Guide - Love Lola2 | Charlie’s Donut Truck – One thing the Santa Rosa area does well is food trucks. We loved visiting this cute donut truck for a mid afternoon treat. I tried the maple bacon, which was everything my sweet + salty dreams are made of!Highway 30A Travel Guide - Love LolaHighway 30A Travel Guide - Love LolaHighway 30A Travel Guide - Love Lola3 | Fonville Press was my kind of place … coffee by day, wine by night ;) (yes, please!). I loved the sleek, beautiful design and would have hung out there all day if the white sandy beaches weren’t calling my name!Highway 30A Travel Guide - Love LolaHighway 30A Travel Guide - Love LolaHighway 30A Travel Guide - Love Lola4 | Where to eat:  My top restaurant picks definitely have to be the Food Trucks in Seaside and the Shrimp Shack. The Shrimp Shack is known for their lobster roll, and the food trucks have a lot of variety to choose from! I love that you can be sitting on the beach, then throw on some sandals and walk across the street to grab some food from a food truck, then head right back down to the water.Highway 30A Travel Guide - Love LolaHighway 30A Travel Guide - Love LolaHighway 30A Travel Guide - Love Lola5 | Visit all the surrounding towns…We stayed in Santa Rosa Beach, but spent some time visiting Seaside, Alys Beach, and Rosemary Beach. Each little town was so unique, and different from each other…and they were all so beautiful! Highway 30A Travel Guide - Love Lola6 | Ride bikes along the 30-A strip. We drove down the highway, but there were people around biking every where … it looked like so much fun! I completed a triathlon (back in the day!) and fell in love with biking … I never make time for it, but it’s definitely something I want to do more of.Highway 30A Travel Guide - Love LolaThere you have it … my little travel guide to Santa Rosa Beach and the beautiful 30A, Florida. This trip was worth every bit of travel, and I didn’t stop talking about it for weeks after we got home. If you ever visit, I’d love to hear your favorite spots, too!

One Room Challenge: The Nursery!

October 6, 2016

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One Room Challenge: The Nursery!I am so excited to be participating in the One Room Challenge this fall! We bought our house almost 2 1/2 years ago, and did a lot of renovations the first couple of months. We scraped the ceilings, removed wallpaper, painted, completely renovated the kitchen, and took down a wall.

Once we completed all of this, we had burned through our budget and energy for all things house related. Slowly, but surely, we’ve been furnishing the house since and trying to work through our list of projects. It drives my OCD crazy that there is not one room in our house that is completely finished. Needless to say, I am ready to take the plunge and put the stamp of completion on at least one room in our house (it’s about time!)!One Room Challenge: The Nursery!These pictures, taken by my fab friend Kiley Lauren, are what Piper’s nursery looked like when we brought her home from the hospital. We’ve made a few changes since, and I have a lot of plans to complete the room. Piper’s nursery is my all time favorite room in our house. There are so many special memories, and we have spent a lot of time in here. Between nursing sessions, rocking her to sleep, or playing with her toys, this room gets a tremendous amount of use. So I am excited to to finally complete it!!One Room Challenge: The Nursery!Above is the inspiration board I put together while planning Piper’s nursery while I was pregnant. The rug is my absolute favorite piece to the room, and what the rest of the room will be designed around.

One Room Challenge: The Nursery!This is how the room is currently looking … a borrowed glider from a friend, sound machine on the floor, laundry basket hiding in the corner. When Piper was born I still hadn’t picked out a rocking chair. I couldn’t decide what look/style I was going for, and since rocking chairs are not cheap, I didn’t want to pull the plug on a purchase I wasn’t 100% sure about. Some of our good friends had an extra glider and offered to let us borrow it. It was waiting for us when we came home from the hospital, which we so appreciated!! Then we got busy changing diapers, sleeping in between feedings, and, you know, keeping a baby alive, that a new rocking chair quickly slid to the back of the list. Now, 10 months later, I’m finally ready to pull the plug on a permanent one.orcThis little flamingo picture right here is one I drew when I was in elementary school. There is a flamingo theme that runs through Piper’s nursery, so I thought this little picture would be perfect! You know … I drew it when I was a kid, now I have a kid of my own and her room has flamingos in it …. Right!? It’s definitely not doing the job I was hoping it would do. I have some plans for new art prints that will bring a little more life to the space and fill the white walls. I still adore the thought behind this picture, so maybe it’ll find another spot and be able to stay.orc-6This globe was used as decor in our wedding, so once again I got all sentimental and thought it would be perfect in Piper’s nursery (hormones, i tell you!). The color scheme in the room is definitely pink and blue, but most of the blues are more of a mint or teal hue. This globe has always felt too dark, and really bothered me. Dressing up the changing station is definitely top of the list!One Room Challenge: The Nursery!And finally there’s this little corner. The room started off with a little plant in this corner, which we upgraded to a fiddle leaf fig tree. Unfortunately, both died a slow, sad, death. Scofield told me our house is like hospice … it’s where plants go to die (Thanks, hon). But it’s true. I have the brownest of brown thumbs. It’s something I’m still hopeful in, and I might even fill this corner with another plant. Third time’s a charm, right!?

For now, this giant bear lives in the corner. Scofield actually gave me this bear as a valentine’s gift when we were in high school and weren’t even dating yet, haha! Piper seems to like him, so he’ll do for now.


Anyway, there you have it … all of my hopes and dreams for this space. I can’t wait to get started, and share this ORC journey with you!! Be sure to check out all of the other ORC challenge spaces here!

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